Before the Storm's bonus episode Farewell out now!

By Square Enix Team

It's a big week for Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The bonus episode Farewell is out now and the boxed (Limited and Vinyl) editions release this week on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam)! The Limited Edition will appear in North American stores tomorrow, March 6 and on PAL-territory shelves on March 9. You can buy it here.

The Limited Edition includes a physical artbook featuring art from Life is Strange: Before the Storm plus the original soundtrack of Before the Storm on CD. That's all licensed tracks including certain Daughter tracks. A tracklist can be found here. The full OST, composed by Daughter, is available separately through their album: "Music from Before the Storm".

The release of Farewell signals a lot of change. With this bonus episode we're completing the Before the Storm arc, Deck Nine Games wrap up their foray into the universe of Life is Strange and we bid a fond farewell to Max, Chloe, Rachel and all the other fan favourites of Arcadia Bay.

We hope that the hard work and love that we put into Farewell will shine through and that you feel that we do the characters that DONTNOD created justice. Without knowing if or when we might once again see these characters, Deck Nine Games took extra time and care to craft this Farewell episode into something meaningful that will stay with everyone who plays it. The original voice actors, Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle, have returned to voice younger, more innocent versions of Chloe and Max as they embark on one final pirate-themed adventure. 

But when a door closes, a window opens... or, something like that. We now look forward to the coming months, when Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet's team at DONTNOD returns to present the new story and characters of the next Life is Strange. Until then, Farewell!

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do you guys know how to sign in to your acount on rise of the tomb radier. any on help still not gotin a email still waiting help plz.
Hello, I am having the same issues as @jgreenjr76I have installed and downloaded the Deluxe Edition. I've beat Episodes 1-3 already and want to play Farwell. It says for me to Purchase and Install, when I click the link, it says it's installed. I've tried to even restart the application, turned off my PS4 and set up an account with Square Enix. WHY CAN'T I PLAY IT?! Help, anyone?!
Gros bug, j'ai acheté la version deluxe mais l'épisode bonus ne veut pas se lancer et me demande d'acheter l'extension et sur playstation newtwork ils me disent que je l'ai bien acheté et installer. Quelqu'un sait que faut il faire ?
I got the disc or physical copy of this game and it will not download it stops at 99% there is plenty of free space I have encountered a few other people with the same issue.
Hi everyone. I would like to know, that provided for pre-order Life is Strange: Before the Storm ?
With this bonus set, we are completing the front of the storm arc, the nine-deck game that wraps them into the cosmos of life is strange <a href="">do my assignment for me</a>, we are to Max, Chloe, Rachel and all the other fans favorite Arcadia Bay's farewell.
Hello, like jgreenjr76 said, I also am blocked: I bought the season pass but I can't download the third episode and the bonus.The game page says that I have to buy/install... when I follow the link to the PS Store, it tells that I already bought the game!? what the...? Can you help me?
Woww.... Nice one really. But would have been better off should we intergret these things into mobile version.
Iv found it @jgreenjr76 go to the life is strange before the storm game page on playstation store if you have that or xbox should be the same whichever platform. Go down to the bottom of the game page and you will find the farewell episode seperatly and if you have bought the deluxe edition it will be free download. Hope this helped.
I have the same issue as jgreenjr76.Please help.
I'm unable to play it. It tells me to purchase/install but i bought the deluxe 1st day of release. Any suggestions?