Tactical dice and deck RPG Children of Zodiarcs is out now on PC and PS4!

By Square Enix Team

Set in the fantasy realm of Lumus, Children of Zodiarcs is a story-driven tactical RPG where the world is divided by the contrast between affluence and poverty. Guide Nahmi and her party of outcasts as they attempt to hit the wealthy Lords and Ladies right where it hurts… by stealing their most prized possession!

Zodiarcs has taken the traditional elements of tactical grid-based RPGs and added a deck and dice element. Use your deck to directly attack your enemies and then boost these attacks with your dice to do even more damage. 

Collective has been supporting Children of Zodiarcs since it first arrived on the feedback platform, when developer Cardboard Utopia received an overwhelming amount of support and went on to create a very successful Kickstarter campaign (hitting 11 stretch goals in the process!). We’re super-proud to have been chosen by the team to take on publishing duties! The studio has been working hard to create a simply beautiful game with a gorgeous art-style, a charming story and stunning soundtrack.

We are very pleased to be able to say that the game is now available to you, the community. We have an exciting new launch trailer which you can watch below too!

If you’re ready to guide a party of rebels through a mystical realm, then pick it up through the links below:


PlayStation EU

PlayStation NA