By Square Enix Team


We only got a few more months until its launch and I wanted to touch on a subject near and dear to FINAL FANTASY fans, myself included.

And that, is the story.

What is the story of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT? And who wrote it?

Well first on the story itself, we’re not going to spoil this story for you here… that would be the worst!! I mean who wants the story spoiled? For you fans out there, did anyone spoil the ending of FINAL FANTASY VII for you? Or FINAL FANTASY XV? Well, it happened to me on both games – and it was THE WORST DAY IN HIGH SCHOOL! On FFVII, it was my friends in high school who sped through the game in a few days and couldn’t hold back on telling me. BAH! I’m still salty!

But FFXV, I had to know the ending since I worked on the marketing for it. haha so maybe it’s not the same.

But my point is, it’s terrible when someone spoils the story of a FINAL FANTASY for you!

With great pleasure, I want to let you all know, that Mr. Kazushige Nojima is working on the story for DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT. 

His track record is amazing, I mean come on. Look at this resume! We’re truly blessed to have Mr. Nojima overseeing the story for this project.

• FINAL FANTASY VII (1997) Story and event planner

• FINAL FANTASY VIII (1999) Scenario

• FINAL FANTASY X (2001) Scenario

• KINGDOM HEARTS (2002) Scenario

• FINAL FANTASY X-2 (2003) Scenario

• BEFORE CRISIS -FINAL FANTASY VII- (2004) Oversaw the scenario

• KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES (2004) Oversaw the scenario


• KINGDOM HEARTS II (2005) Scenario


• FINAL FANTASY XIII (2009) Story Concept

• MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY (2015) Scenario

• FINAL FANTASY XV (2016) Scenario draft

I was lucky enough to interview him for the artbook featured in the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. I don’t want to spoil too much here, but I picked my favorite answer he gave, just to give you a taste of the full interview.


How difficult (or easy) is it to write a story that incorporates the entire legacy of FINAL FANTASY?

Each character has their own fans and they are all loved equally. Creating a story can be easy or it can be difficult, depending on how much one chooses to respond to that love. Of course, like I usually do, I challenged myself and took the difficult route with this story.


I don’t know about you, but incorporating and showing love to every FINAL FANTASY character sounds impossible, so we hope you not only get to experience what Mr. Nojima means by the “difficult route he took”, but also the full interview in the artbook – his other answers are pretty awesome. You probably didn’t even know there were interviews in the artbook, did you? 

The only place you can read the full interview is getting the artbook here!


And of course, you can experience the full story in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT on January 30th, 2018!

-Mat Kishimoto

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Something that those of you asking for a PC release need to keep in mind, PC gaming is nowhere near as popular in Japan as it is in the United States and other Western countries, as a Japanese company it's more profitable for Square Enix to release their products on Consoles first then if the game is well received globally port it to PC. They've ported their other games to PC so if Dissidia NT does well it will probably get a PC port as well. Just be patient and remember cultural differences affect how companies design their games. Those of us who still prefer consoles over PC for one reason or another will make it profitable enough for Square to port it to PC for you guys so try not to worry too much and you guys will probably get what ever DLC's released between the initial console release and the PC port built into the PC version. I know it's hard having to wait for a game that's initially exclusive to one console to be released elsewhere I've done it with games that were Temporarily Xbox exclusives but usually the version that takes the longest to come out ends up being the better version. (There are always exceptions though) So your patience will be rewarded with a better game, and I'm not saying that you should stop asking for a PC version. Asking lets them know that there's a consumer demand for it. Just make sure your not arguing something that won't make sense to them financially due to cultural differences. (besides you don't want them to throw together a PC version last minute and release it at the same time as the console version you want the best PC version possible and that requires waiting)
Hate I missed get to beta test FFDNT, especially after being fan of the series since FFI. See a lot of those out there that missed the chance as well. A important group of fans that SHOULD get to take part. With the game releasing soon, I would still like the opportunity to test the beta. My inbox will accept a key before January. Thanks and keep up the hard work Square.
Please stop the exclusive coupling with the Playstation. I keep getting excited to hear about products coming out from SE only to see the kiss of death: exclusively for PS4. If you guys would just build and release games for PC, even if it wasn't on Steam, there would be millions of us who would happily purchase your games. You could even make your own SE launcher for SE games and avoid Steam's price slashing if that's the issue. I'd love a Final Fantasy themed launcher, with chocobos and white mages and cute little pixel art classic Final Fantasy stuff all over it and also happily shell out $60 a game. Just, on my PC, because I will not ever get a console again. They are overpriced garbage.
yea, PC is the future of gaming. it will never go away at the least, and its numbers are rising while consoles have been declining (in growth, because both are increasing). Needs a PC release.
Bring Dissidia to Steam PC too. I don't have money to buy two plataforms and my plataform is PC. I love Dissidia and Final Fantasy. I need to play this game. I bought all the FF already released in steam and I really want to play this Dissidia NT on my PC screen. Please Square Enix.