THEATRHYTHM THURSDAY: What happens on the development floor?

Score Editor Kubota Minami gives you a behind the scenes look at the studio that developed the game… and their astonishing amount of FINAL FANTASY merch!
By Kubota Minami

Hi, my name is Kubota Minami, Score Editor at indieszero!

  • Favourite FF games: FF8, FF10, FF Type-0 (I am a massive Squall nerd!)
  • Favourite FF music: “Vermillion Fire” from FF Type-0 (I cannot remember how many times I have listened to this track. The dramatic structure of it gives me goosebumps.)

I am involved in the creation of the music score data for THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE, reprising the same role from THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY ALL-STAR CARNIVAL.

In this article, I’d like to show you some of the development work that goes on at the indieszero studio!

There have always been many FINAL FANTASY fans working at here. We pour our passion for FINAL FANTASY into our work on a daily basis, and also strive to pick up the latest information about the franchise and deepen our knowledge of each game.

We keep a wide selection of FF soundtracks, Ultimania guides and background books in our offices!

During the development of THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE, you could always spot someone fervently studying an Ultimania book.

There are moogles in the break room. They do the vital job of cheering up and rejuvenating our exhausted development staff!

We also have a THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY ALL-STAR CARNIVAL cabinet, which previously saw staff playing matches against many players from around the country. We all have fond memories of the whole team coming together to play the game again when the FINAL BAR LINE project was approved, so we could utilise our experiences in the development of the next game.

We have a THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL pop-up in the office entrance and there are posters further inside… they were even signed by Mr. Uematsu himself!

You can still feel the love for all the past games in the THEATRHYTHM series!

Let’s also take a look at one of our developer’s desk!

Wherever you look there is FINAL FANTASY merchandise everywhere. This desk is a shrine to the team’s love for the series!

You can really feel our passion for FINAL FANTASY and for THEATRHYTHM in every corner of the development team’s offices!

Finally, each and every member of the team have poured their love for every meticulous detail of FINAL FANTASY into the development of the THEATRHYTHM series, from the original games to the music, the characters, worlds and locations.

We sincerely hope that your experiences with THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE create some wonderful memories.

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