We celebrate two classic FINAL FANTASY games and the incredible music they introduced to the series!
By Duncan Heaney


For those just joining us, each Thursday, we take an audio tour through the FINAL FANTASY games and highlight some of the brilliant tracks that are set to make an appearance in the upcoming rhythm action extravaganza THEATHRYTHM FINAL BAR LINE.

This week, we’re looking at two more classic games from the series and their astonishing soundtracks. Prepare your ears because these games are melodic masterpieces.


The third game in the FINAL FANTASY series introduced the now famous job system. This let characters switch between different roles over the course of the adventure, offering a dizzying amount of flexibility over how you set up your party.

The system was a big hit with fans - and very influential, with variations on the idea appearing in many other games, including FINAL FANTASY V, FINAL FANTASY XIV, STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN and even games like last year’s HARVESTELLA!

The music was equally memorable. Composer Nobuo Uematsu’s mastery of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s sound chip was unparalleled - as the following two tracks demonstrate.

Eternal Wind (FMS)

Exploring the world map is always a delight in FINAL FANTASY games, but it’s particularly memorable in FINAL FANTASY III thanks to this unforgettable theme. Despite the limitations of the early hardware, this beautiful piece still captures a palpable sense scale and wonder.

As with many beloved tracks in the series, Eternal Wind has taken on a life beyond its original game. This unforgettable melody echoes through future games, from the fast-paced remixes of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers’ main theme.

In that sense, the name is appropriate - a track this good will live forever!

This is the Last Battle (BMS)

Fun fact: this is not merely the last battle, it’s also the first full boss theme in the FINAL FANTASY series!

What a way to begin! This multi-faceted track begins slowly with some mysterious tones that echo and repeat. Suddenly the track gains momentum, speeding up until the full theme kicks in proper.

That classic NES sound is utilized perfectly to create a fast-paced anthem that feels exciting and climactic. It definitely hypes you up for those tough battles with the Cloud of Darkness!


With FINAL FANTASY IV, the series jumped onto the next generation of hardware - the Super Nintendo. Not only did this result in a significant step up for visuals, it also raised the game for the sound.

FINAL FANTASY IV had the strongest emphasis on story yet, and the enchanting tale of Cecil, Kain and Rosa was brought to life thanks to the stunning soundtrack, once again by Nobuo Uematsu. The emotional heart of the game, and its sweeping sense of adventure was brought to life by tracks likes these:

The Red Wings (FMS)

The Red Wings are the elite air force of Baron, and the power and threat of this airborne armada is vividly brought to life by this theme. If you’ve played the game, you probably already have images of mighty airships soaring across the waves to their destination.

It also serves as a theme for the main character Cecil Harvey, capturing his bravery and troubled spirit perfectly.

Battle with the Four Fiends (BMS)

The Archfiends are no mere bosses. These super-powerful elemental monsters are the general of Golbez’s army, and some of the toughest battles that Cecil and his brave band of allies face during their adventure. It’s only right then that they get their own theme.

The excitement and danger of these tricky battles is driven home by this fast-paced theme. It makes each of these climactic battles feel as dramatic as possible - and makes for one heck of a fun rhythm action stage.

THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE launches February 16, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PS4. Three editions will be available at launch:

  • Standard Edition: Available physically and digitally, this contains 385 songs from across the FINAL FANTASY series

  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the standard edition, plus 27 additional tracks, and Season Pass 1.

  • Premium Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the standard edition, plus 27 additional tracks, and Season Passes 1-3.

All these editions are available to preorder now:

That just about wraps up another Theatrhythm Thursday. Join us next week for another audio tour through the music of the FINAL FANTASY series!