VII of the coolest new things in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE

Yuffie! 4K! 60FPS gameplay! Ramuh! Here are seven of the most awesome new things you’ll find in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE and FF7R EPISODE INTERmission!
By Duncan Heaney


With myriad enhancements to the original game, including improved lighting and textures, as well as new content in the form of FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, there's a lot for both new and returning fans to dig into.

To get you ready to step back into Midgar, we've highlighted seven (or VII - heh) of the coolest new things you can expect to see in the game:

1. Midgar’s been given a makeover

Let’s start with the original FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE adventure, because if you played the game on PS4 last year, you’ll notice it’s had some work done.

The team has revisited every chapter in the game, adding improved textures, new lighting, better background elements and more.

Each location that our hero Cloud and his pals visit looks better than ever before, be it the bustling slums of Sector 7, the gaudy opulence of Wall Market or the sleek, corporate interiors of the imposing Shinra Building.

Suffice to say, it’s a real looker, particularly if you choose Graphic Mode that prioritizes 4K resolution.

2. 60 FPS makes everything smoooooooth

As well as Graphic Mode, there’s another option, Performance Mode that prioritizes 60 FPS gameplay.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE was already smooth and satisfying to play on PS4, but 60 FPS takes it to another level. The heroes are incredibly quick-footed and responsive, and you feel more in control than ever before.

It’s hard to put into words, but when you have your hands on the controller and feel that greater connection to the characters and their actions, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. It just feels wonderful.

Oh, and those of you who played the original release may be pondering the big question: does buttery-smooth 60 FPS make it any easier to beat Jules at pull-ups?

…nope. He’s still an absolute beast. Sorry.

3. A new playable hero - Yuffie!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE brings some new faces into Midgar - including the legendary Yuffie Kisaragi, who fans may remember from the original 1997 FINAL FANTASY VII!

The Wutaian ninja takes center stage in FF7R EPISODE INTERmission - a brand new story that takes place concurrently with the main adventure. She’s tasked with infiltrating the city to steal some super-powerful materia from Shinra - a mission that’s fated to become far more complicated than she knows.

At least she’s not alone. She’s joined on her journey by Sonon - a ninja who’s as skilled as he is strong - and an eclectic bunch of anti-Shinra rebels.

For fans of the original game - at least those who recruited Yuffie - it’s a real treat to see her return to this reimagined Midgar. She may be on a mission, but she’s the same character we know and love - upbeat, a little clumsy and absolutely obsessed with materia.

At least we don’t have to worry about her stealing ours this time.

4. The combat system for Yuffie adds loads of new options

Inevitably, Yuffie and Sonon’s mission will lead them into conflict with some of Midgar’s… let’s say ‘more undesirable’ denizens. Think feral beasts, undercity criminals and, of course, more than hulking great mech.

Fortunately, our duo can now tango with Synergy; by combining their attacks, Yuffie and Sonon are able to lay the smackdown on the foes in all kinds of flashy new ways.

That’s not the only thing that’s unique to FF7R EPISODE INTERmission though. The duo also has access to unique skills, such as Yuffie’s ‘Elemental Ninjitsu’, which allows her to change the element of her attacks on the fly!

5. Ramuh returns to the FINAL FANTASY series!

As well as new abilities, Yuffie will also have access to brand new materia that gives her new abilities. We don’t want to give away everything, but there’s one in particular that’s got us very excited… Ramuh.

This master of lightning is a mainstay of the FINAL FANTASY series, including the original FINAL FANTASY VII. He’s back in FF7 EPISODE INTERmission, and you know what that means…

Time for shameless electricity puns!

Long term fans won’t be shocked to see this classic Summon make a return, but they’ll definitely get a charge out of it. When you bring him out into battle, you know sparks are going to fly.

…the key point is that Ramuh’s awesome, guys.

6. Fort Condor is your new obsession

In between hunting for materia and doing awesome ninja-y things, Yuffie can relax with the new craze that’s sweeping the slums of Midgar: Fort Condor.

Based on one of Shinra’s military victories, the game pits two players against each other in a high-stakes game of skill and strategy. You’ll need to choose the best board and units to counter your enemy’s tactics and claim victory over the battlefield.

You can get a preview of how it plays here.

This is no simple minigame though - you’ll be able to take on opponents all over the slums. It’s worth doing because not only can you win valuable new materia, you may just meet a few familiar faces too.

7. It delves deeper into the rich lore of the FINAL FANTASY VII series

One of the things that excited the developers about creating FF7R EPISODE INTERmission was the opportunity to explore the world of the game beyond the original adventure.

As FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi told us: “the new episode was an opportunity to dig deeper into the lore of FINAL FANTASY VII.”

That’ll be clear to long-term fans from the trailer alone. For example, if you experienced DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII-, you may just recognize the sinister Shinra military group Deepground and its leader Weiss the Immaculate. There are other references too, some more subtle than others… but we’ll leave those for you to unearth.

As for new fans, you’ll get a new appreciation just how rich and deep this incredible world really is.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is out for PS5 now. The new episode - FF7R EPISODE INTERmission is included with all new copies of the game on PS5.

If you already own FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE for the PlayStation 4 (physical or digital version) and own a PlayStation 5, you can download the free FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE PlayStation 5 enhancement update (an internet connection is required to download it).

This update does not include FF7R EPISODE INTERmission. FF7R EPISODE INTERmissioncan be purchased separately as a digital download via the PlayStation Store.

Note: that the PS4 version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE given to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital version upgrade.

In addition, if you have purchased FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (physical edition) for PlayStation 4, and own the PlayStation 5 digital edition (the model without a disc drive) then you are not eligible to download the upgrade.

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