Welcome to the brand new Final Fantasy Portal Site!

By Square Enix Team

The official Final Fantasy Portal Site is here! All the latest information regarding the Final Fantasy franchise will be posted here so be sure to visit the site https://finalfantasy.com to stay up to date with all the latest info!

you can also download the Final Fantasy Portal App on iOS and Android for free so wherever you are, you can always stay up to date with the FF franchise (and play Triple Triad!).

Download the FF Portal App via the links: iOS | Android

Also, don't forget to follow the official Final Fantasy social media accounts on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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I'm having the incorrect login thing too, and I just created my Square-Enix account. So I'm assuming the problem hasn't been dealt with yet.
Same problem
Um yeah, won't let me log on
They didnt fix this problem yet did they??
@RocketManJMB - same here !!
Having trouble connecting my portal app on iOS to my Square Enix account. It keeps telling my my password or user name is incorrect, but I’m entering it in the same way I do when I log into Square Enix.
@thejamesmcornett - you got another one... Same problem!
@thejamesmcornett - And me as well. I'm experiencing the same trouble.
@thejamesmcornett - same problem here also
Yeah, that'd be nice to log in on the app...IF IT WOULD ACTUALLY LET ME! The app keeps telling my my info isn't correct even though I've changed my password several times and made it as simple as possible to log me in. Can someone PLEASE help me get logged in? Because I feel like I've missed out on a LOT by not being able to log in.