5 White Mages and Healers that FANS love

Fans have weighed in on their favorite healing characters in Square Enix games. Here are some of their choices.
By Duncan Heaney

A few weeks ago, we shared an article that showcased some of our favorite white mages and healers from Square Enix games. It’s fair to say that a lot of you had… ‘Opinions’ about our selection. You can read it here:

You also had some fantastic suggestions of your own - highlighting some truly wonderful heroes that perhaps should have been on that original list. Allow us to rectify that wrong now, and celebrate some of the healers that you, the fans, adore.

Let’s start with the big one…

Rosa - FINAL FANTASY IV pixel remaster

Rosa from FINAL FANTASY IV pixel remaster

This was by far the most controversial omission from the original list.

…yep, it’s a fair cop. Rosa is indeed one of the greatest healers of the FINAL FANTASY series and she deserves recognition.

Rosa is a White Mage through and through - she’s dedicated her life to helping and supporting others, particularly her beloved Cecil. From the very start of the game, she’s on hand to provide the hero with well-considered advice and a friendly ear.

Later on, that support becomes a lot more literal, as she joins the group and becomes an essential member of the party. Her white magic lets her heal friends, buff allies, and weaken enemies - a potent combination that’s greatly appreciated in some of the tougher fights.

Donald - KINGDOM HEARTS series

Goofy, Sora and Donald from KINGDOM HEARTS III

When it comes to magic, Donald is the complete package. He can fire off spells of all elements, drop meteors on foes, and don’t even get us started on the sheer, raw power of Zettaflare.

But for some of you, he’s most loved as a healer.

When a fight’s going badly, and Sora’s health is in the red, you can rely on Donald to cast a much-needed Cure spell and bring you back up to fighting strength.

…ok, let’s be honest, you can’t always rely on it, but when it happens, you’ll feel such a wave of relief that you’ll feel nothing but appreciation for the marvelous magical mallard.

Minwu - FINAL FANTASY II pixel remaster

Minwu casting Protect V in FINAL FANTASY II pixel remaster

We could all use a friend like Minwu - as several of you pointed out.

This White Wizard is a powerful healer, a wise advisor, and a selfless hero. His dedication to the Wild Rose Rebellion makes him help the party in multiple ways. He heals their wounds when they’re critically injured, travels with them on important missions, and proves that he’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his allies and ideals.

Honestly, Minwu goes above and beyond in order to do the right thing, and although he’s not a permanent member of the party in FINAL FANTASY II, he leaves a lasting impression.


Hope looking up in FINAL FANTASY XIII

The Crystarium in FINAL FANTASY XIII means that characters can learn multiple jobs - nobody has to stick to a fixed role in battle. However, characters do have inclinations towards certain paths, and none make for better medics than Hope.

You wouldn’t think he was so powerful to look at him though. Hope goes through quite the emotional journey throughout the game: he experiences fear, anger, paralyzing self-doubt and more.

But as his experience grows, he’s able to work through his trauma and become a more capable, confident hero - and that emotional growth is reflected in his expansive medical prowess.


A White Mage from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

This is another one that should have been on our original list. Because what White Mage in the series could be better than… you?

And you, and you and… anyone who plays white mage in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online (and FINAL FANTASY XI for that matter!)

You courageous healers are invaluable for overcoming Hydaelyn’s toughest challenges. Your white magic keeps our HP topped up, covers for our mistakes, and even brings us back to life should the worst happen.

In short, you’re true heroes - and we /salute you all.

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