7 of the best white mages and healers in Square Enix games

Call them White Mages, call them healers, call them an excuse to play sloppily - whatever name you want to give them, let’s celebrate the characters that keep our heroes alive.
By Duncan Heaney

In some respects, healers are the unsung heroes of an RPG party.

It’s easy to see the appeal of the big hitters - watching those big numbers fly when you whack an enemy feels great - but it also means the humble healer can go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Well no more! We’re highlighting just a few of our favorites support-specialists in Square Enix games. Whatever you call them - White Mage or healer - we’re giving them the spotlight they so richly deserve.

Serena - DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition

Serena standing in a rocky landscape

If we judge a person by the company they keep, the Luminary from DRAGON QUEST XI S is a pretty awesome guy. To say he’s rich in friends would be an understatement - and Serena is one such wonderful ally.

Along with her sister Veronica, this good-natured young healer has made it her life’s mission to protect and guide the Luminary on his quest to banish evil from the world. It’s a big job, but she’s more than up to it - her healing and support abilities are off the chart.

She may occasionally be overly sentimental and slightly naïve, but her keen senses, expert knowledge and unflinching optimism see the party through many scrapes. Plus she’s a dab hand at the harp too!



This local florist is a literal lifesaver.

Aerith’s mastery of magic makes her ideally suited to act as the party’s healer - she’s able to restore huge chunks of a health bar with even the most basic Cure spell.

Even better, she’s able to use a powerful Limit Break, Healing Wind, which makes everyone around her feel better. Just don’t try recreating this in real life - it won’t elicit the same response.

Of course, when it comes to magic, Aerith’s the complete package, able to fling out offensive spells like the best of them. Her Arcane Ward ability, for example, lets her cast two spells out at a time - you have to feel sorry for the Shinra goon unfortunate enough to be on the end of multiple fireballs at once.

And if you think that’s impressive, you should see what she can do with a chair…


Ignis stares directly at the camera as Altissia burns behind him

“Hold on, you crazy yet unconventionally attractive blog writer!” we hear you cry. “Ignis isn’t a white mage type!”

You’re right, he’s not in the typical sense, at least. Yet Ignis can still take the role of healer for Noctis and his entourage thanks to his Regroup ability, and he approaches the task with the same skill and determination that he does coming up with new recipes.

Speaking of food, Ignis’ culinary skills are another example of his white mage-esque tendencies. Healers often have the ability to buff their allies, and Ignis’ tasty treats do just that - imbuing Noctis and his entourage with stat boosts, status immunities and more.

When you’re being carjacked by a group of Magitek troopers or breathing in the bad breath of a Malboro, a full belly and an Ignis patch-up is a gift from the gods far beyond anything even the Hexatheon have to offer.


Ophelia standing by a large building in a snowy landscape

Ophelia is one of the kindest characters in Square Enix history.

Oh, there have been plenty of noble-hearted heroes - some of them are even on this list- but Ophelia takes kindness to a whole other level. Ask her for a cup of sugar, and she’d probably give you a whole sack. She’s the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice about taking on a life-threatening pilgrimage just to help a friend look after their ailing father.

That’s Ophelia’s strength… but also a weakness. Ophelia can sometimes act without fully considering the consequences of her actions, which can lead her into danger. Her kindness also puts her at risk from those with less than… altruistic intentions.

All said, her inherent virtuousness is a ray of light in the often dark world of Octopath Traveler, and a healer you definitely want in your corner.


Dagger smiling and wearing a cloak

Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII’s magical abilities are as impressive as her full name is long.

Whether she’s going by Garnet, or travelling incognito as Dagger, her ability to keep her companions hale and hearty is hugely helpful.

Of course, there are actually two top-tier white mage-type characters in FINAL FANTASY IX - as well as Dagger, there’s also Eiko.

It was tough to choose between them as we wanted to limit ourselves to seven slots, but ultimately Dagger’s the leading lady so… sorry Eiko.



…oh alright then.


Eiko using a spell

Yes, she’s pretty great too.


Jack holding his arm out and smiling

We all know that Jack is here to kill Chaos. That’s not a hope or a dream - it’s like a hunger or a thirst.

But the furious protagonist of STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN isn’t just adept at killing things - his ability to take on multiple jobs in combat makes him a Jack of all trades… including White Mage.

This job lets Jack heal himself and his allies, buff them with support abilities and more. It’s surprisingly powerful too - it pulled us out of trouble more than once in the game’s brutal boss battles. It’s also a great way to help out in multiplayer - who could have predicted that keeping people alive makes you popular?

Ultimately, Jack may be consumed by his quest for Chaos, but thanks to the White Mage job, he’s still got his friends’ backs when they need it.


Yuna sending souls in FINAL FANTASY X

We said at the start that healers are often relegated to support roles - Yuna is an exception to the rule.

Rather than her backing the party, an entire team of warriors, mages, thieves and professional sports stars come together to support her. It’s a level of dedication that’s warranted - Yuna’s not just healing her comrades, she’s actively trying to heal the world itself from the destruction of Sin.

In battle, the Summoner has numerous spells that can heal, cleanse, and buff your party - and they’re essential for making it through the satisfyingly strategic scraps. There are plenty of occasions where Yuna’s the key to success, particularly in some of the tougher fights (we’re looking at you, Seymour Flux).

If Yuna has a weakness, it’s that she does have to rely on others to do real damage to enemies. But considering that some of those ‘others’ are indescribably powerful Aeons that she summons into battle herself, perhaps it’s not much of a weakness after all.

Those were just a few of our favorite healing heroes - but what do you think? Did we miss any? Is someone else more deserving of a spot? Let us know on social media: