Experience the legendary RPG, LIVE A LIVE, now available on PS4™, PS5™ and Steam®!

Where will your legend begin?

  • Prehistory: A tribesman comes of age in a world without words.
  • The Wild West: A wanderer with a bounty on his head fights for his life.
  • Imperial China: A kung fu master searches for a worthy successor.
  • Twilight of Edo Japan: A shinobi undertakes an important secret mission.
  • Present Day: A martial artist strives to become the strongest there ever was.
  • The Near Future: A youth with psychic powers takes a stand against evil.
  • The Distant Future: A newly built robot is swept up in a tragedy in space.

Experience this highly acclaimed RPG, brought to life in the same HD-2D visual style as OCTOPATH TRAVELER, now available on PS4™, PS5™ and Steam®!

Purchase on Steam® before 11 May (5PM BST) for 20% off!

Publicado el  27-04-2023
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