Visions of Mana is now available to pre-order!

Visions of Mana is a brand new title in this series revolving around the sacred sword and mana.

Val, the protagonist, and his childhood friend Hinna, the newly appointed Alm of Fire, set off on a journey to the Mana Tree.

This game’s iconic vibrant and vast semi-open field contains adorable yet ferocious monsters, allowing you to enjoy swift three-dimensional battles using the power of the Elementals.

Through adventures with friends met along the way, they start to see the truth about the world.

Visions of Mana is now available for pre-order on PS5™, PS4™, Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC via Windows and Steam®. Pre-order now and receive the Brave Blade weapon for Val!*

Purchase before 30/09/2024 and receive a Guardian Garment for Val, and a Starter Pack to help you along your journey!*

Launching 29th August 29th 2024.

* Brave Blade only available for Digital pre-order, purchase before 29/08/2024
* Early purchase available until 30/09/2024, please check individual store pages for detailed times for each region

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