Everything you need to know about BABYLON’S FALL

Take a look at our new cooperative action RPG in collaboration with developer PlatinumGames!
Por Jade Oakley

If you haven’t heard already, BABYLON'S FALL is a brand-new take on developer PlatinumGames' critically acclaimed signature combat! Following our previous 2017 cooperation with NieR:Automata, we’re back at it again, bringing you cooperative hack and slash action!

The game is directed by Kenji Saito (PlatinumGames) and produced by Yosuke Saito and Junichi Ehara (Square Enix).

So what can I expect from BABYLON’S FALL?

In this cooperative action RPG, you take on the role of a Sentinel. These once conscripted prisoners of the Empire are granted unrivalled powers by a parasitic device implanted to their back: the “Gideon Coffin”.

The Gideon Coffin is a symbol of your servitude to the Domitinian empire, but it's also the main thing that will keep you alive as you fight your way through the titanic Tower of Babylon and confront the Gallu that reside within. Explore the relics of the tower as you search for the cure of the Blue Death...

Neo Babylon, the world of BABYLON’S FALL, is high fantasy, filled with medieval styled decors and a soundtrack to match.

Ascend the Tower of Babylon (frequently referred to as The Ziggurat) with up to 3 other Sentinels and take on tiered dungeons and foes. You'll meet key members of the story as you uncover the secrets of the tower. Fight foes, collect rewards, gather materials, and craft stronger equipment for your next visit. Get ready for the end of each tier of the tower as you will encounter stronger bosses and grow ever stronger!

How does combat work?

We’ve just recently unveiled our Combat 101 Trailer showcasing all you need to know to begin your journey!

But let’s break down what’s included here. As a Sentinel, you'll gain the ability to wield a mighty arsenal of up to four weapons; one in each of your human arms, and two more held by the spectral tethers that extrude from your Gideon Coffin.

Each weapon type has distinct skills and abilities, with endless customization for you to find exactly how you like to play. Quad wielding not only allows you to customize your playstyle, it also allows you to react to all of the threats that the Tower of Babel throws at you!

To start with there are 5 Weapon types available. Swords, Hammers, Bows, Rods and Shields. All these weapon types have different strengths, so be sure to test out what suits your playstyle!

Alongside your weapons, a key part of combat is based around The Gideon Coffin. Progressing the story will unlock Dynamis abilities, which unlock enchantments and additional abilities. With an array of weapons, attack styles and Gideon Coffin upgrades, you’re sure for a treat in BABYLON’S FALL highly customizable combat system.

How do I make progress?

Following the story of BABYLON’S FALL will see you ascending the Tower of Babel. To explain the flow of the game simply, you battle through The Ziggurat and build your Sentinel to take on stronger enemies and more challenging feats.

As you clear dungeons, different loot and upgrades will become available to your Sentinel. There are even more ways to progress your Sentinel, such as Season Rankings that can be earned through missions you play. A variety of enticing rewards can be earned through the Season Ranking system!

The game is already jam-packed with over 80 quests, more than 140 pieces of equipment and, for those who seek it, increased high difficulty challenging content.

On top of that, we’ll be supporting this game with regular new content updates. Here’s a look at what’s already arriving in Season 1. New game modes, additional story content and much, much more!

BABYLON'S FALL season 1 roadmap

When can I play BABYLON’S FALL?

BABYLON’S FALL arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam) March 3rd, 2022, though those who preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to start playing as early as February 28.

Additionally, a free demo is available right now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5!

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