FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker heads for a “Newfound Adventure” with Patch 6.1

What’s in the new update for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online? Here’s a look at what’s in Patch 6.1 and beyond.
Por Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker marked the end of a chapter for the Warriors of Light… and it’s time for a new one to begin.

There’s a lot coming in the Patch 6.1x series, including new main scenario quests that mark the beginning of a new story, new sidequests, a thrilling new alliance raid, and new features designed to improve the solo play experience, starting with A Realm Reborn content.

We’ll take you through what's included, but first, check out the trailer:

Duty Support System for A Realm Reborn (2.0) content

Patch 6.1 marks the debut of the new Duty Support system which enables you to play 4-player main scenario dungeons and trials solo with a party of NPCs alongside you.

Initially, the system supports A Realm Reborn (2.0) content and will be expanded in future updates to support Patch 2.x content, as well as the Heavensward expansion and beyond.

In addition, the team is planning major revisions to Cape Westwind and the subsequent 2.0 main scenario duties to further support an accessible solo-player experience. Whether you like to play with real-world allies, or go it alone, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is a game for everyone.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker screenshot

New Main Scenario Quests

A new adventure for the Warrior of Light starts here!

With hope restored, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn step back into the shadows, and the Warrior of Light returns to the life of a simple adventurer. But it’s not long before a new journey calls to them…

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker screenshot

New 24-player Alliance Raid - Myths of the Realm, Part 1: Aglaia

The first part of a new original alliance raid series puts players to the test, as they learn more about the divinities known as the Twelve.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker screenshot

New Trial - The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria

If you’re seeking a challenge, this new extreme trial is exactly what you need. You’ll have to fight in a smart and coordinated way to overcome this dangerous foe.

Unreal Trial: Ultima’s Bane

Take on Ultima Weapon once more with your level 90 characters! Do you have what it takes to defeat this dangerous enemy again?

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker screenshot

New Residential District: Empyreum

Thanks to the hard work of crafters and gatherers, Ishgard’s once-devastated Firmament has been restored! That includes a new residential district: Empyreum!

Land in this new residential district will be available for purchase. An overview of the plot purchase system, as well as the schedule for lottery system sales, were recently detailed on the Lodestone.

Adventurer Plates (Beta Version)

The new Adventurer Plates (Beta Version) feature launches in Patch 6.1 and allows you to create a fun way to show off your character and details like your favorite job and title, playstyle preference, active play times, and more! You can also create multiple customized player portraits based on your character’s appearance, where you can set the lighting, pose, camera angle, etc. You can even set unique portraits to different gear sets so you can showcase different aspects of your character how you want!

New PvP mode: Crystalline Conflict

This new casual contest sees two teams of 5 players face off to push a crystal into their opponent’s goal. It’s fun, low-pressure competitive content with simple rules and short matches - perfect for players who just want to have a good time playing against others, without stressing about wins and losses.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker screenshot

GARO-themed PvP Gear Returns

PvP gear inspired by the hit Japanese TV show GARO returns with Patch 6.1. You’ll be able to earn special mounts and equipment designed by legendary character designer Keita Amemiya!

Additionally, new jobs introduced in Shadowbringers and Endwalker will now be able to equip this collaboration gear.

The Unending Codex

Keep track of the rich lore and story of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker in the new Unending Codex feature! As you play through the 6.1 main scenario, an assortment of information on characters and terms will be added, which you can refer to at any time.

New Mounts, Minions, and Emotes

As you’d hope, the new update brings even more ways to express yourself, with new mounts, minions, and emotes being added to the game!

New Tribal Quests (Patch 6.15)

Coming in Patch 6.15, you’ll be able to take on new Arkasodara tribe quests for battle classes and jobs.

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (Patch 6.15)

He’s back... somehow? Everyone’s favorite agent of inquiry returns in a new sidequest series, set to begin in Patch 6.15.

That’s a top-level view of what’s coming to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker during the Patch 6.1x series, but there’s more too, including job adjustments, the ability to try on gear available in the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store, new Custom Deliveries in Patch 6.15 and more.

You can get the full rundown on the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Lodestone website.

THE PRIMALS - Beyond the Shadow

The new album from THE PRIMALS, the official FINAL FANTASY XIV band led by Sound Director Masayoshi Soken, will launch globally on May 25, 2022!

It’s called THE PRIMALS - Beyond the Shadow and will be available to pre-order now at the Square Enix Store:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker – The Art of Resurrection - Among the Stars -

The announcements keep coming! FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker – The Art of Resurrection - Among the Stars -, is a brand new oversized full-color art book, that features artwork created during the development of Endwalker! It contains stunning illustrations of the new sage and reaper jobs, new locations including Old Sharlayan and Radz-at-Han, dungeons, trials, equipment, and more.

It also includes concept art, reference images and messages from the artists to commemorate the conclusion of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga. Physical copies of the book will also include an exclusive Wind-up Ragnarok minion item code.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker – The Art of Resurrection - Among the Stars - is scheduled for release on September 13, 2022, and will be available for pre-order at the SQUARE ENIX Store:

To stay up to date with news about this release, and FINAL FANTASY XIV Online as a whole, make sure to follow the team on social media:

If you’re yet to experience the many wonders of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online yourself, now’s the perfect time.

The expanded Free Trial now includes all content from A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward expansion (and updates through Patch 3.56), as well as an additional playable race (Au Ra), and three additional playable jobs (Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist)!

That’s hours of award-winning gameplay and story experiences equivalent to two full FINAL FANTASY titles - with no limit on playtime!