FANTASIAN Neo Dimension: Everything you need to know

The father of FINAL FANTASY returns with this definitive version of the acclaimed adventure!
Di Duncan Heaney

Did you hear the news? The critically acclaimed RPG FANTASIAN is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam this Winter!

Titled FANTASIAN Neo Dimension, this beautiful, stylized adventure comes from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the FINAL FANTASY series, and features music by the celebrated FINAL FANTASY composer Nobuo Uematsu.

With such a developer pedigree you’d expect something special, and that’s exactly what they’ve delivered. FANTASIAN Neo Dimension is a bold adventure that captures everything great about classic Japanese RPGs, while adding some awesome innovations that make it feel distinctly fresh. You can get a taste of what to expect in the trailer, or read on to learn all about it:

What is FANTASIAN Neo Dimension?

The protagonist Leo wakes up from a massive explosion only to find himself lost in a strange land. That’s not the only thing lost - his memories have almost entirely vanished too!

With only a single memory to guide him, he sets out on a journey to reclaim his lost past and unravel the mysteries of a bizarre mechanical infection that’s slowly engulfing all known to man.

This journey will take Leo and his growing party of allies through more than 150 hand-crafted dioramas, which combine physical environments with 3D characters. These were created by masters of the craft and include everything from dense forests and arid deserts to some… less conventional regions.

FANTASIAN New Dimension’s battle system

Of course, you won’t explore unopposed - inevitably you’ll have to face off against hordes of monsters and worse in battle. FANTASIAN New Dimension’s turn-based battles will feel comfortable to fans of classic RPGs like the FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST series, but it has some unique mechanics that make it feel unique and modern.

One such mechanic the ability to aim attacks to hit enemies in straight or curved lines. The key to success lies in observing your foes’ turn order and position on the battlefield and using the right skills and trajectory of attacks to take multiple foes out efficiently.

The game also introduces the Dimengeon System, which allows you to avoid the interruptions of random encounters by sending previously encountered enemies to a dimensional dungeon. You can open the ‘Dimengeon’ at any point to battle everything stored inside at a time that’s convenient for you - and with some handy enhancements that make these thrilling large-scale battles fly by.

Of course, the longer you wait to open the Dimengeon, the more enemies you’ll have to take on, so you’ll need to think carefully about when to take on the challenge. Once it reaches capacity, the battle will start automatically!

It all adds up to combat that is very easy to understand yet has enormous depth to master - a killer combo that makes the game hard to put down!

What’s been added to FANTASIAN New Dimension?

FANTASIAN originally released on iOS for Apple Arcade, but this new console and PC version has received some significant enhancements, which makes it the definitive way to play the game. These include:

  • English and Japanese voiceovers - All cutscenes, and many optional scenes in the game are now voice acted. You’ll be able to play the game with either the English or Japanese voice actors.

  • 4K visuals - the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Steam versions of the game will offer support for 4K displays, making this already beautiful game look even prettier.

  • Normal difficulty mode - FANTASIAN was a very difficult game upon release, with many bosses pounding players before they worked out the optimal strategies to defeat them. FANTASIAN Neo Dimension adds a new ‘Normal’ difficulty, to make the game a little more approachable. Of course, if you crave the challenge of the original game, that’s still there too!

FANTASIAN Neo Dimension launches this Winter for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

We’ll have more to share, including the final release date, in the future, so be sure to follow Square Enix on social media for news and updates: