Which OCTOPATH TRAVELER II character should you start with?

Need some help choosing which OCTOPATH TRAVELER II hero you should pick first? Let’s take a look through the options - and why they might be the perfect choice for you.
Di Duncan Heaney

The newly released OCTOPATH TRAVELER II features eight new playable heroes, and you can start the game with any of them. Which begs the question: who’s the best one to start with?

The short answer is: any of them.

The new standalone RPG is designed so that every character is viable from the start. Not only that, but as you explore the world, you’ll be able to recruit the other heroes to your party and add them to your party.

That said, selecting your initial protagonist is an important decision - they’ll basically remain in your party for the duration of the game. Unlike other heroes, you can’t switch them out, so whoever you pick first essentially acts as your ‘lead’ character.

To help you make this momentous decision, and in honor of the game's recent release on Xbox Series X|S, we’ve created this guide to the eight travelers of OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, their story, their talents, their special Path Actions (skills they can use to interact with people around the world) and what kind of player they may suit. Hopefully it helps:

Hikari - the Warrior

  • Weapons: Swords and Polearms
  • Talent: Learned Skills - Hikari can learn new combat moves from people around the world and use them in combat

Hikari’s tale begins in the desert region of Hinoeuma. As the prince of the warlike nation of Ku, his compassion and mercy often put him at odds with his more aggressive brother. After a period of peace, a tragedy sends the country to its combative ways, so Hikari sets out to find a path to peace.

What Path Actions does he have?

During the day, Hikari can use the Path Action: Challenge. This lets you challenge many NPCs to a duel - if you win, you can learn a special skill to use in combat, including attacks, healing abilities and more. Be aware though, you can only have a few learned skills equipped at a time.

At night, Hikari gains the ability to Bribe people for information. Bribing NPCs can give you the location of hidden items, discounts at the inn and even help you complete side quests. However, some have nothing useful to say at all, so don’t throw all your money away.

What is Hikari’s Latent Power?

When his Latent Power gauge is full, Hikari can activate his Shadow Power. This gives him access to some devastating attacks, which don’t use any SP to unleash!

As you’d expect from a skilled warrior, these moves are fantastic at either delivering powerful strikes or hitting multiple foes at a time.

Pick Hikari if…

  • You want access to a broad range of skills early on - Hikari’s ability to learn new combat moves from NPCs means he can potentially use other weapons, heal himself and more.

  • You want a tale with themes of honor, nobility and war

  • You want to be able to deal out massive damage to foes

  • You like a Japanese samurai-style aesthetic

Agnea - the Dancer

  • Weapon: Daggers
  • Talent: Dance Session - Agnea’s dancing can trigger extra effects from allured companions

Agnea’s adventures start in the small, leafy town of Cropdale, where she dances for the locals in the tavern.

Although beloved by the community, Agnea dreams of greater things - she wants to become a star and put a smile on people’s faces - just like her mother once did.

Of course, the journey to stardom is fraught with dangers… does Agnea have what it takes to make it big?

What Path Actions does she have?

Rather than force or money, Agnea relies on her charisma to get what she needs from others.

During the day, she can use the Allure Path Action. This lets her bring people along with her on her journey, and call them in to support her in battle.

At night, she can use Entreat to persuade people to give her items - provided she’s high enough level to do so, of course.

What is Agnea’s Latent Power?

When Agnea’s gauge is full, she can use her latent power: All Together Now! As the name implies, this lets her extend the reach of her abilities to everyone in the party at once, or hit all enemies with an attack. Use it to buff your allies for the fight ahead or lay the smack-down on a group of foes!

Pick Agnea if…

  • You want a story that’s full of heart and positivity

  • You believe teamwork makes the dreamwork - having NPCs fight with you is very useful!

  • You like lots of support options in combat - Agnea’s dance moves can deliver all kinds of ways status-changing effects.

Partitio - the Merchant

  • Weapons: Polearms and bows
  • Talent: Business Partners - depending on which NPCs you’ve hired, you’ll receive benefits in business and battles

Partitio’s story starts in Oresrush - a rundown town in the vast wastes of the Wildlands.

It wasn’t always so bleak here. Once this was a thriving community, driven by the silver mines in the region, but fortunes can fall as quickly as they rise… especially when less than scrupulous individuals are willing to exploit others for their own gain.

Driven by his experiences of poverty, and dreams of bringing prosperity to all, Partitio embarks on a journey around the world, with only his nose for commerce to guide him.

What Path Actions does he have?

Partitio is able to Purchase items from NPCs. If you have the cash, you can get some very valuable items or equipment.

At night, Partitio can Hire people to bring along on his journey. These hired helpers can be brought out in battle to help you out. NPCs have all kind of skills, and using your funds wisely can bring some major help to the team!

What is Partitio’s Latent Power?

Once the gauge is full, Partitio can use Hoot and Holler. This incredibly useful skill instantly maxes out his break points (BP), which you can use in a turn to take multiple actions or strengthen attacks. He can even donate BP to other characters.

Pick Partitio if…

  • You like the aesthetic of the old west - Partitio’s story starts in the ol’ dusty trail

  • You prefer to solve problems with your wallet rather than your fists

  • You want more freedom over your journey - after the first chapter of his story, Partitio can follow the scent of commerce to multiple destinations

Osvald - the Scholar

  • Weapon: Staffs
  • Talent: Study Foe - at the start of a battle, Osvald reveals one enemy weakness

Osvald’s adventure begins in the snowswept reaches of the Winterlands. Or more accurately, in prison in the Winterlands.

This once respected scholar was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and child, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

1,879 days of incarceration in this harsh and forbidding place have done nothing to lessen the rage he feels for the wrongs committed against him. Earning his freedom, he sets off on a journey to exact his revenge against Harvey - the man who took everything from him.

Fortuantely, he has access to powerful magic - and a unique talent that lets him automatically pinpoint enemy weaknesses

What Path Actions does he have?

During the day, Osvald can Scrutinize to gain information from people around the world. Your attempts have a probability of success - fail too many times, and your reputation in the town will suffer.

At night, Osvald can Mug NPCs to gain items. Mugging someone initiates a battle - beat them and you can take all their belongings.

What is Osvald’s Latent Power?

Normally, Osvald’s magic spells affect all enemies, but when his Latent Power gauge is full, he can activate Concentrate Spells.

This lets his focus a spell on a single target with far greater potency - perfect for tough foes and bosses!

Pick Osvald if…

  • You want a story that’s dark and tragic

  • You like to play as black mage-style characters in RPGs

  • You want to find enemy weaknesses more easily - Osvald will automatically identify one vulnerability at the start of battle, which is very useful

Throné - the Thief

  • Weapons: Daggers and Swords
  • Talent: Blessings of Darkness - automatically raises the physical attack, elemental attack and speed of all allies during the night

Throné is a thief and a member of the Blacksnakes - a thieves guild that controls the city of New Delsta from the shadows. Her duties are to steal and to… ‘clean’.

Though impeccably skilled, this cycle of crime and death weighs heavily on the young thief. She determines to escape from this life and embarks on a journey to earn the keys to her freedom.

What are her Path Actions?

During the day, Throné can Steal items and equipment from NPCs. When you approach a target, you’ll see a rating that shows you the probability of success. Don’t get caught!

At night, and if her level is high enough, Throné can use Ambush to knock people unconscious. This lets you get into doors and areas that would otherwise be blocked.

What is Throné’s Latent Power?

Leave No Trace is a useful power that lets Throné act twice in a row. This opens up tons of options in combat. For example, you can use that extra action to do lots of damage quickly, heal up a faltering party, break and stun opponents - the choice is yours!

Pick Throné if…

  • You like stories that deal with the seedy underbelly of society

  • You want access to lots of free items early on - Steal means you can fill your pockets with goodies

  • You like playing thief characters in other RPGs

Temenos - the Cleric

  • Weapon: Staffs
  • Talent: Moonlight Judgement - at night, this talent automatically blinds foes, and decreases their physical and elemental defense at the start of battles

Temenos Mistral is a cleric in the mountainous region of Solistia known as the Crestlands.

He’s pretty easy-going when it comes to his duties as an Inquisitor, but things change when a tragedy occurs at this church.

Temenos senses that there’s more to this incident than meets the eye, so he sets out on a journey to solve the mystery.

What are his Path Actions?

If his level is high enough, Temenos can Guide people and lead them around. He can also bring them into battle,

At night, Temenos can Coerce people around the world to force information out of them. To do this, you need to engage them in battle and Break them by reducing their shield points to zero! If successful, they’ll give up all their secrets!

What is Temenos' Latent Power?

When Temenos fills his Latent Power Gauge, he can use Judgement. When this useful power is activated, all of the Cleric’s attacks will lower enemy Shield Points. It’s fantastic for Breaking foes - with multi-hit attacks you can even make a boss vulnerable in a single turn!

Pick Temenos if…

  • You like stories about gods and monsters

  • You want access to powerful healing magic early on

  • You enjoy playing as ‘white mage’ type characters in RPGS

  • You like some extra help in battle - Temenos can dish out some fair damage with his light element magic, but he relies on followers for big physical attacks.

Ochette - the Hunter

  • Weapons: Bows and axes
  • Talent: Capture and Prepare - capture monsters and use them in battle… or ‘Prepare’ to turn them into items

Ochette is a young hunter, living on the island of Toto’haha.

Despite her village’s troubles with the human islanders, she still lives a carefree life alongside her master Juvah and animal companions.

That changes when she learns of the fabled Creatures of Legend and an encroaching calamity known as Night of the Scarlet Moon. Desperate to save her home, she heads off in search of those who can help.

What are her Path Actions?

In the day, Ochette can Provoke people around the world, which sets a monster on them and initiates a battle. If Ochette wins, the target will be knocked out.

At night, she can Befriend townsfolk by giving them specific items. This lets you bring them on your journey and summon them in combat.

What is Ochette’s Latent Power?

When the gauge is full, Ochette can unleash her inner beast with Animal Instincts.

This gives her access to powerful attacks, such as Beastly Claws, which hits all foes, and Beastly Fangs, which lets her do damage to a single target.

Pick Ochette if…

  • You like the wild tribal setting more than civilized towns and cities

  • You like having a broad range of options in combat - Ochette can call upon both beasts and befriended townsfolk during battles

  • You love monster-capturing RPGs

Castti - the Apothecary

  • Weapon: Axes
  • Talent: Concoct - combine ingredients to make both hazardous and healing concoctions

Discovered adrift at sea, Castti arrives in the town of Canalbrine with no memory of who she is or where she came from. Her only clues are an apothecary’s satchel and the fact that she instinctively knows how to treat the ill and wounded.

With the townsfolk falling ill, Castti determines to get to the bottom of their mysterious sickness and, unable to ignore a nagging feeling that she’s forgetting something important, sets off on a journey to recover what she’s lost.

What are her Path Actions?

During the day, Castti can Inquire to gain information from townsfolk. She can learn the location of a hidden item, get a discount on the inn, even find out something needed to solve a quest or progress the story.

At night, she has the ability to Soothe people, sending them to sleep. To do so, she’ll need a specific item, and that item depends on who she’s trying to send into a slumber.

What’s Castti’s Latent Power?

Every Drop Counts allows Castti to concoct without using up any ingredients. With maximum boost, you can combine up to five things, creating incredibly powerful mixtures.

Pick Castti if…

  • You like medical dramas - Castti’s chapter is all about healing the sick and getting to the bottom of medical maladies.

  • You want powerful healing options right from the start

  • You enjoy experimenting with recipes - there’s a lot you can do with concoctions…

  • You enjoy a mystery - the central question of who Castti sets off a compelling mystery that begs to be unraveled

We hope that helps you make your decision over which traveler to pick first in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II.

As mentioned earlier, the game is designed so that any character is viable right from the start, and you’ll be able to experience all characters’ stories on a single playthrough, so there’s no wrong answers. Just pick the one that sounds most appealing and have fun!

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is out now for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

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