So you finished FINAL FANTASY XVI - now what?

Completed the epic story of FANTASY XVI? Start planning your next game with this handy guide.
Autor Ryan Walsh

The last Eikon’s been dominated, the most dangerous hunt turned in, you’ve completed the satisfying final side quests for Jill, Torgal and the rest of your beloved allies and the final boss isn’t bossing anyone anymore. You’ve completed FINAL FANTASY XVI - congratulations! Now there’s a void, and it demands fulfillment.

Don’t fret over how to satisfy the beast, because we’ve got suggestions for what to play once you’re ready for a new (or old) experience.



The beauty of finishing FINAL FANTASY XVI is that there’s much more to do after the credits roll!

You can replay chapters in Arcade Mode and fight skillfully and stylishly to set a high score or, if you’re up for a challenge, you can take on the Chronolith Trials - intense combat challenges that will test your mastery with a particular Eikon.

And if you’ve done all that (or just want to dive back into the story), there’s FINAL FANTASY mode!

If you haven’t checked this out yet, be sure to do so because it’s a game-changer… literally. It’s a New Game Plus mode that adds elements like enhanced enemies, a higher level cap, new items to craft (like the Ultima Weapon), and of course your gear, items and abilities from your first playthrough carry over.

This opens up wholly different ways to beat down opponents and bosses, and at this higher difficulty, you’re going to need the help!

Play through the epic FINAL FANTASY XIV Online free trial!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online free trial

If you enjoyed FINAL FANTASY XVI, you’ll almost certainly love FINAL FANTASY XIV Online too, as it’s also developed by Creative Business Unit III.

The good news is that you don’t have to take our word for it, because the current free trial of the game allows players to play up to level 70, through the main storyline AND the first two expansions (Heavensward and Stormblood), with no restrictions on playtime.

This is an incredible offer - something like three full games’ worth of play before you have to put up even one penny.



For more fast-paced FINAL FANTASY fun, you might want to load up FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

This game combines exciting real-time battles with menu-based commands to create a truly satisfying fusion of new and classic FINAL FANTASY. It’s every bit as exciting as FINAL FANTASY XVI, with multiple playable characters exhilarating combat that tests both your reflexes and strategy.

The materia and weapon upgrade systems also let you build characters to suit your playstyle - much like Clive’s Eikonic abilities in FINAL FANTASY XVI!



Now, if want flashy action-based gameplay like FINAL FANTASY XVI, you should definitely try its direct predecessor, FINAL FANTASY XV.

Like Clive, the main character Noctis takes center stage for the combat, and zips through the environment like a blade through paper.

It also makes for a nice contrast, as FINAL FANTASY XV is a vastly different narrative experience from FINAL FANTASY XVI. The game follows Noctis and his friends on an epic road trip, with trouble from the invading Niflheim Empire never far away.

With amazing characters, music and thrilling action-packed combat, it’s a must play.

Play the KINGDOM HEARTS series


If you’re looking for an action-RPG that’s fun for everyone, KINGDOM HEARTS is your next series.

Follow Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their adventures against the Heartless in this action RPG series that features beloved characters from the worlds of Disney and Square Enix.

There are turns and twists aplenty no matter what game you load up, multiple worlds with their own visual style and, in some cases, unique mechanics and naturally, nail-biting real-time combat against the myriad of enemies rallied against you.


The latest entry in the STAR OCEAN saga, THE DIVINE FORCE offers an action combat system that feels distinctly different to FINAL FANTASY XVI but is just as fast-paced and exhilarating.

The story lets you choose between two very different protagonists – spaceship captain Raymond or princess Laeticia and embark on an epic journey that fuses sci-fi space opera with classic fantasy.

It’s an expansive RPG with beautiful visuals, a gripping narrative, amazing freedom of movement, and one of the flashiest combat systems out there.


Now that you’ve finished the latest FINAL FANTASY experience, think about heading back to the origin in this exciting action game inspired by the original FINAL FANTASY.

Follow Jack and his teammates as they travel the world to hunt down the villainous Chaos using an action-oriented combat system and the fresh take on the classic Job system guarantees that you won’t be stuck playing one style for long.

If you like challenging action combat, you’ll find a game that offers that and then some. On the other hand, like FINAL FANTASY XVI, there’s a STORY mode if you’re in it more for the experience than the challenge.

Play Forspoken

If you’re looking for more real-time action that leans heavily on combat magic, Forspoken may be just what you’re looking for.

Frey’s journey follows her from humble beginnings in New York to becoming the savior of a world astonishingly different from her own.

Thanks to a magical bracelet, Frey uses magically-enhanced parkour to make her way through the terrain effectively and stylishly. In combat, she draws on spectacular magical powers, summoning everything from hard hitting rocks and thorny vines to blazing walls of fire.

Between her insane mobility and the variety of attacks she can hurl at opponents, you could easily see Frey and Clive swapping stories over a bowl of Chancer’s Stew.


Lastly, if you miss fighting with Torgal and demand more puppy power in your life, fire up the game with another captivating canine: FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered.

Rinoa keeps her pet Angelo around for emotional and combat support. Right away there are two ways for Angelo to help in a tussle: one by charging an enemy, and another by loading herself onto Rinoa’s launcher and blasting all the enemies in a fight (and it looks as cool as it sounds)!

More of Angelo’s tricks can be unlocked by finding and reading “Pet Pals” magazines - and while she may not match the size of Torgal, Angelo remains a legendary pet.

And that’s that for our suggestions on how to follow up an experience like FINAL FANTASY XVI. Have you played a game that should’ve been on our list? Let us and the world at large know on social media!