What would FINAL FANTASY be without its Cids?

Almost every game in the series features a character with the name ‘Cid’. From cynical engineers to affable educators, each one is as distinct and memorable as the game he appears in.

It’s an important part of the series, so we thought it was long overdue to take a tour through the series to celebrate these fantastic FINAL FANTASY fellows.

So, without further ado, let’s take a loving look at some of the Ciddiest Cids who ever Cidded.

…no, we don’t really know what that means either.

The OG Cid - FINAL FANTASY II pixel remaster

Cid in FINAL FANTASY II pixel remaster

This Cid was the first character in the series to have the name - and he’s more than worthy of it. He was the first to have an airship, beginning the series-spanning love affair between Cids and flight.

Initially, he operates his craft as a simple transport service, but as he’s drawn into the game’s central conflict, that airship becomes pivotal for the main heroes’ adventure.

Cid Haze - FINAL FANTASY III pixel remaster

Cid in FINAL FANTASY III pixel remaster

Cid Haze is an eccentric inventor from the town of Canaan, whose mechanical skills are only matched by his impressively bushy beard.

He faces many hardships over the course of FINAL FANTASY III, from incorporeal curses to the illness of his beloved wife. Despite this, he remains a positive, jovial figure who’s ready to help our heroes when they need it most.

Cid Pollendina - FINAL FANTASY IV pixel remaster

Cid in FINAL FANTASY IV pixel remaster

The next Cid didn’t just make airships - he made history.

Burly, boisterous and brilliantly-bearded, Cid Pollendina also has the distinction of being the first playable Cid in the series!

He’s the master engineer for the Red Wings - the air force of the mighty kingdom of Baron, and his unrivalled mechanical knowhow has turned the group into something to be reckoned with. Despite this job, he has a strong moral compass, and is unafraid to stand up for what’s right - even at the risk of his own liberty.

This Cid can also be somewhat brash, possessed of a level of self-belief that could be considered arrogance… if he didn’t have the skills to back it up. Despite his sometimes prickly personality, he’s a good friend to hero Cecil and a beloved character in his own right.

Plus, his eventual role as a party member raised the profiles of Cids for the entire series. In our book, that makes him a V.I.C: Very Important Cid.

Professor Cid Previa - FINAL FANTASY V pixel remaster

Cid in FINAL FANTASY V pixel remaster

FINAL FANTASY V’s Cid swapped engineering for academia - though his penchant for tinkering remains intact.

Professor Cid Previa is a researcher, who has devoted his life to the study of elemental crystals that are fundamental to his world’s existence. He was responsible for crystal amplification devices, which brought prosperity to the areas that used them… until they didn’t.

Flaws with the design caused severe damage to the crystals, and the professor is riddled with guilt as a result. But this noble-hearted Cid isn’t one to stand around feeling sorry for himself and throws himself into more projects, determined to make amends for his mistake.

Cid Del Norte Marguez - FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster

Cid in FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster

Cid Del Norte Marguez is a prime example of ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.’

As the chief scientist for the evil Gestahlian Empire, Cid’s made some mistakes. His genius created the Magitek that gives the Emperor’s forces such power. He pushed his surrogate daughter Celes into armed service. And perhaps worst of all, he’s directly responsible for Kefka’s power and… unpredictable mental state.

It’s not exactly a glowing resume, is it?

Even so, this Cid is a surprisingly gentle man, who favors peace and diplomacy over violence. When he realises the dark truth behind his technology - and the darker intentions of those who use it - he takes action to try to put things right.

Plus, his relationship with Celes leads to some of the most powerful moments in the game…



Arguably the most famous Cid of all, the high-flying Mr. Highwind has a very prominent role in FINAL FANTASY VII.

When we first meet Cid, he’s a broken man. Once he was to be the first person to travel into space, but an aborted launch and the shuttering of Shinra’s space program have left his dreams in ruins.

But when he’s drawn into Cloud and company’s conflict with Shinra, he finds renewed purpose. His skills with a spear make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and he’s the natural choice of captain for the team’s airship. He even has a brief stint as leader when Cloud is otherwise indisposed.

In short, he’s an essential member of the team, and a Cid to be reckoned with.

Cid Kramer - FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Cid in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

This unconventional Cid wears a lot of (metaphorical) hats. He’s the founder of the mercenary group SeeD and acts as headmaster of Balamb Garden, one of its training schools.

As befits an educator, he’s a kind and nurturing man, who wants his students to achieve their best - and to keep thinking for themselves. He takes every opportunity to push the closed-off Squall into embracing his potential as a leader.

Having an administrative role, rather than an engineering or piloting one, makes him something of an anomaly among his other Cids. He doesn’t even have an airship.

…or does he?



Cid Fabool IX is the Regent of Lindblum, and a mechanical genius, responsible for inventing many airships, including the revolutionary Hilda Garde II.

At least… he was. By the time we meet him in FINAL FANTASY IX, Cid’s suffered an unfortunate transformation into an oglop, a condition that affects both his physical appearance and mental capacities.

Before you feel too sorry for him, he did bring it on himself - it’s his wife’s Hilda’s punishment for his infidelity.

Despite his flaws, this Cid is a wise man (or oglop) who has the best intentions in mind for his city and Princess Garnet and goes above and beyond to help the team throughout the game.

Oglop or not, he’s a Cid through and through.



This surname-less Cid is the leader of the Al Bhed tribe, and - in true Cid-style - the captain of an airship.

While bossy and tactless, he’s a strong leader who is well-liked by his people. That may be because this Cid isn’t just technically adept - he’s also a man of action. If he has a plan in mind, he’ll follow through, no matter the consequences.

He has a close familial connection to members of the party - he’s the father of Rikku and uncle of Yuna and will do anything to protect his family. Even if it can be a little… extreme at times.



Cid is the most accomplished engineer in FINAL FANTASY XI’s world of Vana'diel. His inventive genius isn’t unrecognised either as his work has brought wealth to Bastok and turned him into a person of influence within the Republic.

Typically found in his workshop in the Metalworks, Cid has plenty to keep budding adventurers busy, and has a major role in the Chains of Promathia expansion.

Yes, it involves airships.



This genius scientist is the head of the Archadian Empire’s Draklor Laboratory.

A brilliant and insightful man, he believes his research and development of Manufactured Nethicite as a way to give humanity control of its own destiny. Of course, passion can give way to obsession…

Without wishing to give too much away, the doctor’s a very different type of Cid compared to previous games – and one of the most memorable. If you’ve played the game, you know what we mean. And if you haven’t… go play FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE and find out. You won’t regret it!



The youngest Cid in the series is also one of the most complex and elusive.

Cid Raines is a commander in Sanctum’s Guardian Corps, and captains the gargantuan airship the Lindblum (the series does love a callback!).

Despite working for the organisation pursuing our heroes, Cid’s a polite and friendly face, offering hospitality and co-operation to a captured Snow, and helping the party out on future occasions.

Of course, there’s more going on than his cultured demeanour would suggest, and the dashing young commander has complex motives and a few secrets of his own…

Cid Garlond - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online


Is this the hunkiest Cid in FINAL FANTASY? We couldn’t possibly comment but…

*looks at social media*

…apparently you can.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online’s Cid Garlond is a defector from the warmongering Garlean Empire, who tries to use his powerful magitek creations to improve lives rather than take them.

Despite his complex past, including an inconvenient case of amnesia, he’s a warm, optimistic, and important ally for the Warrior of Light. His technical assistance, advice, and airship get the adventurer out of more than one scrape over the course of A Realm Reborn and its expansions.



Once a close companion of King Regis Lucis Caelum, Cid now runs a mechanics in Hammerhead, along with his granddaughter Cindy.

He’s more hands-off than other Cids, preferring to let Cindy take care of the nuts and bolts of the work, but he’s still an important figure in the game, providing technical support and even a boat to Noctis and his entourage.

Despite his gruff, curmudgeonly demeanour, Cid has a big heart and looks out for Noctis in various ways. Not only does he improve their weapons throughout the adventure, he’s also ready to deliver some brutal home truths that prepare the pampered prince for the trials ahead.

As you can see, the name Cid spreads far and wide across the FINAL FANTASY series. And of course, this is just the numbered entries - the spin-offs have plenty of Cids of their own too!

But this is long enough already, so we’ll end it here. Thanks for joining us on this celebration of Cids… but which is your favorite? Let us know on social media: