16 things you need to know about Outriders!

Outriders Worldslayer is out now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Wondering what it's all about? Allow us to explain in 15… erm, 16… easy points.
By Lucy Hale

Often with video games, it can be a challenge to know when and how to get stuck in if you didn’t hop in right from the start. Especially when said game is a brutal, fast-paced looter shooter with kill-to-heal, co-op, crossplay, online multiplayer… yeah.

It’s a little daunting when everyone around you seems to be reading from chapter 10 and you’ve only just picked up the book.

But do not fear, fellow gamer! With the launch of Outriders Worldslayer, there truly has never been a better time to get stuck in and enter the world of Enoch. If you’re brand new to Outriders and want the 411, we put together this video to show you what to expect:

An Outrider healing by killing an enemy

Alternatively, read on and we’ll lay out the facts:

Outrider healing by killing an enemy
  1. What is Outriders? It’s a frantic, fast-paced looter shooter that rewards aggressive play. You gotta kill to heal, baby!
An outrider standing in front of a tree
  1. It charts an epic narrative journey across a planet ravaged by Anomaly, man, beast, and alien.
Outriders Worldslayer screenshot
  1. You can play single player or co-op with 2-3 players - AND CROSSPLAY - seamlessly.
Apocalypse tiers screenshots
  1. There’s an adaptive difficulty system that’s fully customisable by the player. You can make it a walk in a park, or nuke the park and everything around it in a 10 mile radius - plus all the difficulty tiers in between.
Outriders class selection screen
  1. There are four unique and powerful classes to choose from, each with their own brutal skills and abilities - Trickster, Pyromancer, Technomancer and Devastator!
Pyromancer skill tree
  1. You can delve into upgrades with the expansive class skill trees, which give you an unprecedented level of control over your character builds. Each class’s skill tree has three subclasses within those, which you can expand even further into hybrid paths on the Pax skill trees. Did we mention it’s expansive?
A piece of apocalypse gear with three mod slots
  1. Being able to equip up to two mods on your weapons and armor makes gear interesting from the get-go, as they include mechanic and skill-altering effects that you can freely swap around for deadly mayhem. And if you find Apocalyptic loot, some even have an almighty 3rd mod slot for even more power.
Outriders visual customization screen
  1. A very generous Transmog system means you can make gear look like any other piece you’ve collected… without changing their stats. You’re not forced to wear or wield anything you don’t like aesthetically.
Outriders Worldslayer screenshot
  1. Once you're done with the original game campaign, with all its twists and turns (no spoilers here), there’s a huge original endgame experience called Expeditions. You’ll want to bring some friends for these ones – they’re HARD.
  1. At the end of 2021, we dropped a huge, free update we coined New Horizon, which saw a wealth of quality of life improvements added to the original game. We dropped Expedition timers, increased Legendary loot drop rates, implemented an anti-duplication system, added the afore-mentioned Transmog feature - and that’s only a handful of updated goodies!
  1. And now a brand-spanking new - and MASSIVE upgrade to the Outriders universe comes in the form of Worldslayer. Worldslayer has a devilishly dark story arc that will change the world of Enoch, and the path of the Outrider, forever… and you’ll find yourself facing off against the gothic harbinger of humanity’s end: Ereshkegal.
Outriders Worldslayer PAX tree
  1. Worldslayer offers more class skill paths to further customise your Outrider – called PAX trees.
Wide shot of Tarya Gratar
  1. And beyond all of this lies new horrors in an additional beast of an endgame experience called The Trial of Tarya Gratar. This evolved endgame is central to the full experience of Outriders Worldslayer and all its new parts too. It’ll either kill ya, or make you stronger…
Outriders Worldslayer screenshot
  1. Once you hit max level, there’s a new Ascension System that lets you grow even stronger. It adds 100+ hours of playtime for the completionists out there!
Outriders Worldslayer SKU explanation
  1. The cherry on this supercharged cake? You get both Outriders Worldslayer and the Outriders original adventure included for the price of a single game, so you’ll be ready to start your apocalyptic adventure on Enoch.
Outriders Worldslayer screenshot
  1. Oh, one more thing. Did I mention that you can boost straight into Worldslayer if you want? No need to play the original campaign to get started. You can jump right in with a Level 30 Outrider all geared up and ready to go. So, you’ll be able catch up to your friends in no time and start enjoying that amazing Worldslayer campaign!

That’s everything you need to know about Outriders in 16 easy points. Of course, the best way to understand the game is to play it! Outriders Worldslayer is out now for PS5, PS4, Xbox SeriesX|S, Xbox One and Steam.

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