Here’s a look at OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER’S Endgame

The Trial of Tarya Gratar is at the heart of OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER - and the game’s ultimate challenge. Find out all about it here.
By Duncan Heaney

OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER is only a few short weeks away!

On June 30, 2022, the ultimate form of OUTRIDERS appears, and it’s bringing with it a frankly astonishing amount of content. We’re talking a whole new campaign, tons of new gear, additional difficulty tiers, more potential for build customization than ever before, and - perhaps most excitingly - a brand new endgame!

We previously gave you a preview of the expansion as a whole (read it here), but today we’re focusing purely on that thrilling new endgame experience: the Trial of Tarya Gratar!

The Trial of Tarya Gratar is at the heart of the OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER experience. It’s a challenge that is designed to test your abilities as an Outrider like never before.

The latest OUTRIDERS Broadcast delves deep into the subject - check it out below:

Alternatively, read on and we’ll tell you all about it.

What is Tarya Gratar… and why are you there?

Your first question may well be: “what’s Tarya Gratar?”

It’s the area in which OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER’S endgame content is set. We’re not going to go too deep into the lore of this location for fear of spoilers - it plays a massive part in the story of WORLDSLAYER, after all. However, from a look at the trailers and screenshots, you can probably guess that it’s intrinsically linked with the history of Enoch’s natives: the Pax.


You’ll encounter the location briefly in the story, but once you’ve completed the campaign, you can return for the Trial of Tarya Gratar - an expansive endgame that will push you, your builds, and your tactics to the ultimate test. It’s OUTRIDERS in its purest form - visceral, exciting, and oh-so-brutal. And, most importantly, really good fun!


How does the endgame work?

The endgame takes place in a massive, fully-explorable zone, with its own day / night cycle. This dangerous location presents you with numerous combat challenges, and even exclusive enemies - more on them in a bit.

Created as a gauntlet run, the goal of the Trial of Tarya Gratar is to delve into the heart of this beautiful and mysterious area by defeating the relentless hordes of enemies that oppose you and earning valuable loot.

The Trial resets and starts you back at the beginning every time you complete or abandon a run… or if you die too many times. However, each time you start again, you’ll be even more powerful… and have a better chance of making it through.

Here’s an explanation of how it works:

A close up of a gun in OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER

The Base Camp

Everything starts at the base camp. This provides entrance to the Trial area and has all the amenities you’ll need to prep for the gauntlet ahead. We’re talking vendors, crafting stations, fast travel, character customization, stash, matchmaking… the works.

You’ll even have direct access to the original OUTRIDERS endgame Expeditions, all here and fully playable in OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER!

When it’s time to start a run, you open the gates and step into the Trial of Tarya Gratar.

As you battle through the dungeon, you’ll encounter many different types of areas, including:


These areas offer the opportunity to explore off the primary path and see what you can discover.

Most of the time, they’ll lead to troves, which can yield incredible rewards… if you’re brave enough to go for it.


Troves are optional areas of Tarya Gratar that are filled with enemies… and loot.

Entering a trove can be a risk - the powerful foes inside could potentially cause your run to have a premature end. It’s worth it though, because they have the potential to give you some of the best gear available.

Troves offer something new for OUTRIDERS’ already excellent loot game: targeted Apocalypse gear loot farming!

Apocalypse gear is some mighty powerful stuff because it includes a third mod slot! Adding mods to armor and weapons can give you everything from powerful buffs to entirely new abilities so having an extra one available lets you create insanely powerful builds.

Each trove is dedicated to a particular type of gear - one might focus on helmets, for example, while another will only give you body armor. It means that you can focus on farming for the pieces you need, rather than relying purely on random drops.

Don’t expect Troves to stay the same either - each one challenges you in a different way, enemy types can change between runs… some can even throw terrifying bosses at you. We did say they were high risk!

Once you complete a trove, you can fast travel back to your last Crossroad, and continue your journey through the Trial.

Boss arenas

These are mandatory for progressing through the dungeon.

The boss fights in OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER are fast, frantic, and satisfying - a real test of everything you’ve learned about the game. They come in all shapes and sizes - some fast and lithe, others towering titans, and you’ll have to play smart to survive.

If you can defeat a boss, you’ll be able to push deeper into Tarya Gratar, where more challenges await!

Unveiling Shadowbeasts - an endgame foe you’ll learn to fear

We mentioned new enemies earlier - let’s introduce you to a particularly nasty type: Shadowbeasts!

These bloodthirsty predators are exclusive to the Trials of Tarya Gratar… and you’ll be grateful you never had to deal with them in the main story.

They’re essentially the assassins of the monster world and have the ability to cloak themselves even while moving. When a Shadowbeast is hunting you, you’ll have to watch the environment carefully for signs of disturbance to keep track of it - or use an area of effect attack that reveals its position.

You definitely want to avoid letting them get too close, because one of their special abilities can inflict Silence on your Outrider. This blocks off all your powers for a set duration - far from ideal in a tough battle.

Shadowbeasts often accompany Beast Lords, who have tamed these wild, invisible monsters and use them as trackers. So if you spot one, get ready for a tense, challenging encounter!

We could say so much more about OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYERS’ endgame… but why ruin the surprises? We’d much rather you discover just how expansive and replayable this mode is yourself.

OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER releases June 30, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, Epic Games Store and Stadia.

New players can purchase OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER either physically or digitally, which gives them the full original game, as well as the new WORLDSLAYER content all in one package.

Existing OUTRIDERS players should choose the OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER UPGRADE, which will add all this awesome new content to their game.

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We hope you’re as excited about OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER as we are!

If you want more info about the game as we get closer to release, make sure you’re following the team on social media. Not only are they offering a closer look at many aspects of the game, including some of the new gear, they’re also running a Community Competition to win an awesome custom controller!

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