A step by step guide to finding loot in DRAGON QUEST TREASURES

Join Erik and Mia on their hunt for riches, as we take the closest look yet at the world of Draconia… and take you through the act of finding treasure!
By Duncan Heaney

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is all about the thrill of adventure - and that means hunting for treasure!

This new adventure puts you in control of siblings Erik and Mia, who find themselves pulled into the land of Draconia on the adventure of a lifetime. This strange new continent is home to countless pieces of precious loot… and if there’s one thing that this adventurous pair loves, it’s precious loot!

Last time, we gave you a general overview of this charming adventure (read that here), so today we wanted to take you a little deeper into the game. Read on and we’ll take a closer look at Draconia and its many treasures, and take you step by step through the art of treasure hunting!

Welcome to Draconia… and its many treasures

Draconia screenshot

The floating continent of Draconia, where our adventure takes place, is formed from the ancient bodies of two legendary golden dragons. It comprises several islands.

Mia acquires the amber horn

It’s home to the seven legendary Dragonstones - special artifacts sought after by all treasure hunters worth their salt.

Screenshot of the Dragon Stones

Each of the Dragonstones is shaped like a part of a dragon’s body.

A hint to a Dragonstone location: "The dragon's tail lies lost, hidden amongst countless other treasures..."

You won’t find any Dragonstones on the island where your base is located. You’ll need to travel to the other five islands to find them, using hints to help you close in on their hiding places.

Of course, Dragonstones aren’t the only valuable items in Draconia. Far from it, in fact…

Mia holding up a chest

As you explore the islands of Draconia, you’ll find many items. These are classified as “treasures” or “bric-a-brac” depending on their rarity. Extremely rare pieces are considered “iconic!”

Iconic treasures are far from easy to acquire - and their value reflects this! Getting hold of iconic treasures is essential if you're to become the world's greatest treasure hunter.

Treasure categories

Treasures can be placed in many different subcategories, including weapons, armor and items.

Tempest Shield

You may even recognize some of them as being very important indeed...

Elevating shoes valuation: 8,640,000G

Iconic treasures tend to get eye-poppingly high valuations!

A guide to finding treasure

You may be wondering: how do we find all this wonderful loot? The process of finding treasure can be broadly organized into four steps…

Step 1: Choose an island to start your journey

Island selection screen

The first step in any expedition is to choose the island on which it will take place. Check out the destinations list from the station at your base and select an island on which to go hunting for treasure!

Erik and Mia’s mysterious accomplices, Purrsula and Porcus, will provide a "Treasure Forecast" for each island that tells you what kind of goodies you can expect to find there.

Golden ratio

In addition to the treasure forecast, Purrsula and Porcus will show you the Golden Ratio for that island. This tells you your current party’s suitability for finding treasure there.

The higher the Golden Ratio, the easier it will be for you to find treasure, so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting an island to visit.

Eric waving on a train

Once you've selected a destination, it's time to hop on the train - with your trusty monster companions by your side, of course!

Step 2: Finding materials and bric-a-brac

Once you arrive on your destination island, the treasure hunt really begins! To start with, try walking around with your monsters in tow - they'll let you know if they sense any treasure. If you see your monster pals getting excited, you know there's something of interest hidden nearby!

Mia standing next to a mineral deposit

There are lots of foraging spots on each island.

Mia collecting an Agate of Evolution - used to make pellets

Useful materials can be found in clumps of vegetation, conspicuous mineral deposits, and other similar locations.

Monsters sensing treasures

These speech bubbles mean that your companion monsters have detected treasure nearby. A silver treasure chest icon indicates that bric-a-brac has been detected, while a gold treasure chest icon indicates that treasure is in the vicinity.

Monsters sensing bric-a-brac

Bric-a-brac has a silvery glow and is relatively easy to find. Its location will be shown on the map when you get close enough to it.

Monsters holding chests

Any treasure you dig up will be carried by your monsters. The number of treasure chests that can be carried varies from monster to monster.

Step 3: Finding rare treasure

Erik using Fortune Finder

Real treasure is harder to find than bric-a-brac, and often hidden in rather inaccessible locations. In order to track it down, you may need to use the Fortune Finder, a special power that's only available to Erik and Mia.

Mia holding a Dragon Dagger

The Dragon Daggers, which Erik and Mia stumble across at the start of their adventure, allow our heroes to use the Fortune Finder.

Treasure visions list

Using the Fortune Finder when there's treasure nearby will activate Treasure Visions, allowing you to see the treasure's exact location through the eyes of your monster companions.

Treasure Visions vary depending on the monster that's providing them. Compare the visions from all three of your companions and scour the nearby terrain to work out the location of the hidden loot!

Here are some examples:

Muckingham's vision

Here is a Muddy Hand’s Treasure Vision…

Swooper's Vision

…and a Hades Condor’s…

Restelle's Vision

…and finally, a Restless Armour’s.

Erik holding up a chest

Once you’ve worked out where it’s hidden, the treasure is yours!

Step 4: Appraising Treasure

Returning home via train

Once you've found some loot, take the train back to your base and have your finds appraised.

Chimera Wing confirmation prompt

Alternatively, you can use an item known as a chimaera wing to instantly return to base from any island, with all your treasure intact. They're very precious items indeed, and nigh-on indispensable for any serious treasure hunter!

Screen showing treasure condition and valuations

Appraisal takes place as soon as you return home and reveals the name, appearance and value of your treasures. A treasure's value depends on its condition, be it "mint", "fine", "fair", or something else.

Always try to find treasure in the best condition possible!

Lunar Zoombloom valuation: 277,500G

If you bring back a piece of treasure that you've already got in your collection, the item in the best condition will be kept while any others will be discarded.

Multi-Treasure Bonus for six treasures and bric-a-brac: 64%

Bringing a lot of treasure back for appraisal at once might provide a bonus to its valuation!

That’s the basics of finding treasure… but of course there’s more to it than that. You’ll have to deal with hostile monsters, rival gangs and more!

You’ll be able to experience it all for yourselves on December 9, 2022, when DRAGON QUEST TREASURES launches for Nintendo Switch!

The game’s available to preorder now both physically and digitally, with some very handy bonuses for those who do so:

  • 5 Chimaera Wings - Returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure
  • 15 Better Buddy Bullets - Increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player’s gang
  • 5 Fullheal Pellets - Fully restores the HP of a single ally


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