What’s so good about DRAGON QUEST TREASURES on PC?

This treasure-hunting RPG is a real gem… and it shines brighter than ever on PC. Here’s why:
By Duncan Heaney

Here’s a PSA: DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is now available on PC!

Originally releasing December last year on Nintendo Switch, this glittering adventure places you in a massive world full of incredible treasures just begging to be discovered. Now the full expansive adventure is available to download via Steam.

It’s something to be very excited about, but if you missed the game when it launched last year, you may be wondering… why? Allow us to explain.

It’s a grand adventure with incredible freedom

Some of you may be wondering: what is DRAGON QUEST TREASURES? What do you actually do in the game? The short answer is… pretty much whatever you want.

The main gameplay loop is as follows: you depart your home base to one of five vast, fully explorable islands. While there, you use your skills and those of your monster companions (yes, you can recruit a party of monsters!) to locate valuable treasures, dig up as many as your monsters can carry, and get them back to base intact.

Of course, there’s much more to it than that. These lands are full of dangers: broiling lakes of lava, hostile monsters, and rival gangs desperate to get their hands on your booty to name but a few. Staying one step ahead requires focus and smart use of your allies’ abilities.

That’s the basic overview, but you will be amazed by variety of things to do as you explore the island of Draconia. You can choose to go somewhere to look for specific items that progress the story, focus on finding new monsters to battle and recruit to your gang, gather resources to complete requests from your allies, or just head into the wilderness in search of valuable swag to fill your coffers.

It's all delightfully free-form and endlessly compelling. Be warned - once it gets its hooks into you, you may find it hard to stop playing. After all, there’s always one more treasure to find…

It’s set in a charming world full of charismatic characters

While DRAGON QUEST TREASURES gives you the space to play the game how you want, sooner or later, you’ll want to dive back into the story because it’s utterly charming.

You play as Erik and Mia, two young siblings who yearn for riches and adventure. When they discover a pair of mysterious daggers, they’re transported to the world of Draconia - a vast land with secrets and treasures around every corner.

With a land of possibilities ahead of them, the pair form their own ever-growing gang, and set off on a quest to seek a fortune and locate the legendary Dragonstones. But they’re not the only ones searching…

With that basic setup, the world is yours to explore, and what a world it is. Characters and monsters are charming and expressive, the world is vibrant and colorful. And from the quirky characters to take up residence in your home base, to the monsters you’ll encounter in the wilds, everything positively overflows with wit and whimsy.

Some worlds just feel… good to be in, and that’s DRAGON QUEST TREASURES to a tee. It’s just good vibes.

It’s perfect for DRAGON QUEST fans and new players alike

If you’ve never played a DRAGON QUEST game before, you may be wondering whether you can jump into the series with DRAGON QUEST TREASURES. The answer is: yes, you can. It’s a completely standalone game with its own story, world and mechanics.

In fact, in many ways it’s a perfect entry point. The game incorporates tons of classic DRAGON QUEST elements in a way that’s welcoming to all kinds of players. You’ll be introduced to classic monsters, series staple tunes, regular items and lots more as you seek out the most lustrous loot.

Of course, if you are a DRAGON QUEST fan, you’ll be thrilled with how much love for the series there is in the game. DRAGON QUEST XI players, for example, will recognize Erik and Mia from that game, and many of the treasures you collect (and there are so, so many) are references to other games in the series. You’ll unearth statues of familiar heroes, weapons of legend and that’s just the tip of a very big iceberg.

It's fan service done right: it’ll raise a wry smile for those in the know, without excluding those who aren’t.

The visuals and performance have been improved for PC

The new PC version of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES takes this already amazing game and enhances it with improved visuals and framerate.

You can now enjoy the vibrant world of Draconia at much higher resolutions and with a more consistent framerate. Suddenly this vibrant and beautiful world is so much… more vibrant and beautiful, and characters pop with detail and personality.

It’s the best the game has ever looked!

It’s Steam Deck verified!

One of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES’ greatest attributes is that you can play for five minutes or five hours and have a great time either way.

You’ll be delighted to hear, then, that DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is verified for Steam Deck. In fact, it feels right at home on the portable platform, where its pick up and play nature really shines.

Hop on to grab some chests and complete some quests or snuggle down in a comfy chair and get immersed in the world - it’s entirely up to you!

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is a loot-filled delight from start to finish and we hope you enjoy it on PC.

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