Tips and tricks for playing DRAGON QUEST TREASURES

Starting your adventures in the loot-rich world of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES? Here are some handy tips and hints to get you started!
By Duncan Heaney

When Erik and Mia, the heroes of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES, arrive in the world of Draconia, they quickly set themselves up as skilled treasure hunters.

But as they quickly discover, this is a dangerous occupation. The world of Draconia may be full of treasure, but it’s also full of mean monsters and greedy gangs. As skilled as the siblings are, they could possibly use a little help on their path to becoming world-class locators of loot!

That’s where we come in. With DRAGON QUEST TREASURES now out on PC via Steam, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help them - and you, of course - make expeditions all the more lucrative.

Explore everywhere - not just where the Fortune Finder says!

Use your Fortune Finder to locate the general area of your target treasure, and then refer to your monsters’ Treasure Visions to narrow down its precise location - that’s the central gameplay loop in DRAGON QUEST TREASURES. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to find…

For example, not every chest in the game is hidden underground to be dug up. Some can be found in open sight, and while they may not contain treasure, they do contain resources or pellets that are extremely useful.

If you’re exploring, be sure to poke around all the nooks and crannies - especially if you’re in a camp, or structure (such as the abandoned factory in the Paternoggin). Use your monsters’ Fortes to get up onto shelves or ledges, for example - you never know when you may find something cool.

Use your pellets!

This one may seem pretty obvious, but if you’re like me, you may be tempted to hold off on using your catapult pellets in case you need them later (much like hoarding medicinal herbs in the mainline RPGs - something else I’m guilty of).

So consider this a PSA for us frugal folks: The pellets are there for you to use. So use them!

Every pellet you can collect or make in the game has a purpose - some can target enemy weaknesses to cause damage, others heal your allies and others can make monsters more likely to want to join your gang. While you can often just about scrape by without using your catapult, it makes life so much easier if you do.

Don’t worry about running out - there are plenty of ways to get pellets, including shops, chests, and crafting - so you’ll always have a way to replenish your stock.

ABC - Always Be Collecting

The world of Draconia is overflowing with natural resources, which a clever treasure hunter can use for crafting, cooking and much more. When you’re roaming around the fields, swamps, volcanoes and ice floes of this whimsical world, be sure to forage and vacuum up every item you see.

That includes loot from monsters. When a foe is defeated, it sometimes drops an item. Unlike gold coins, these aren’t picked up automatically, so be sure to check you’ve collected the spoils of your victory!

The Golden Ratio matters!

When you embark on a new expedition, be sure to check the Golden Ratio for your destination. This number, represented as a percentage, tells you your current party’s suitability for finding treasure in that location.

The higher the ratio, the better the likely spoils, so mix up your party to get this as high as possible. Try matching your party monsters’ favourite treasures with the treasure categories listed in the station map. If you can’t seem to get a Golden Ratio above 50% in a zone, consider recruiting some monsters with different favourite treasures to those of your current party.

If you see a metal monster, Go Go Go!

If you see a monster with a sparkly body and metallic sheen, go fight it ASAP! As is tradition for the DRAGON QUEST series, defeating these beasts reward you with massive amounts of EXP so you can level up much faster.

Naturally they’re a little hardier than your typical monster, but it’s worth the extra effort because you’re all but guaranteed to shoot up a level at least.

Metal monsters are sadly rather rare, so you never really know when one will show up. You might get lucky and find one in the field, but they also sometimes show up in Treasure Dungeons or The Snarl in the basement of your base.

Keep everyone hale and hearty

Thanks to their healing pellets, Erik and Mia are the team’s most reliable medics. As you explore, keep your eyes on the HP of your monster allies. If they’re looking a little lower than you’d like, be sure to top them up with your catapult.

It’s risky to let your allies’ health drop too much - you never know when you’ll stumble across a high-level enemy or something else unexpected, so try to keep everyone in the green as much as you can.

Also, physician heal thyself! Erik and Mia can hold X to heal. If one of the siblings falls, the expedition is over, so make sure you keep an eye on your character’s HP. In addition, try to heal before the next fight rather than during it - healing stops you in your tracks and makes you very vulnerable to attack.

Sort out the stations

One of the first things you’ll be asked to do by your trusty station master, Mr. Euston, is to restore Draconia’s train network to life!

Each region has multiple stations and restoring them to working order means you can travel straight there from your base. This makes exploring the massive islands far more convenient, so the sooner you get these installations up and running, the easier your treasure-hunting expeditions will be!

When you enter a region and start your hunt for treasure, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the vicinity of a station, so take the time to divert and speak to the ST4TION-M4STER there. They’ll tell you what they need to get the rails running once again.

Get home fast when you need to

The life of a treasure hunter can be surprisingly grueling, and there will be times when you need to escape back to your base with your booty intact. In these cases, you can use an item called a Chimaera Wing to zoom right back to base in a flash.

As you can tell, Chimaera Wings are invaluable, and it’s good to have one with you whenever you venture out into the world. One way to get them is as rewards from quests, so it pays to keep tabs on what’s available.

If you want to get back home before you’ve dug up any riches, there’s no need to use a Chimaera Wing. Simply select the “Retreat” option in the menu to return to base.

Hopefully these tips help you on your treasure-hunting adventures. We’re sure your vault will be overflowing with riches in no time!

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is out now on PC via Steam - and it's Steam Deck verified!

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