Notice regarding updates to FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH
Last Updated: Friday 12 Apr 2024 16:00 GMT

Notice regarding updates to FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH

Last Updated: Friday 12 Apr 2024 16:00 GMT

The Version 1.030 update file for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH will be released on 11/04/2024.
This update features several bug fixes as well as improvements to the game’s functionality and stability.
For the best experience, please try to play FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH using the latest updates where possible.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by bugs that prevented players progressing through the sidequests.

This update contains the following fixes:

Version 1.030

  • Fixes to a bug in the sub quest “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” from chapter 12, where the quest did not progress after fulfilling the required conditions in the G bike mini game.
    *Please note that in order to proceed with this quest, you will need to fulfill the required conditions for completing G bike again after the update is applied.
    *Progress levels will not be reset after the update if this quest has already been completed.
  • Fixes to a bug that triggered in several phenomenon intel quests when proceeding in a specific order.
  • Fixes to a rare bug in the combat simulator where new courses would occasionally not be unlocked correctly.
  • Fixes to a bug where intimacy levels would not increase when selecting options that are supposed to increase intimacy when specific conditions are fulfilled.
  • Fixes have been made so that the trophy “Cactuar Crusher” can still be obtained, even when a bug occurs that prevents it from being obtained despite fulfilling all the required conditions.
  • Fixes to several issues with loading save data that triggered under specific conditions and other issues that caused forced shut down of the game or prevented progress while playing.
  • Fixes have been made so the status from the last FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE save data file that was read is referenced when repeatedly reading save data from the previous game.
  • Fixes to several display related bugs.

An update file (Version 1.020) will be released on 21/03/2024.

This update contains fixes to a number of bugs and improvements to various game functionality and stability. Please enjoy FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH with the latest updates available where you can.

This update will contain the content listed below.

Version 1.020

  • Fixes to missing or incorrect characters in some parts of the game text.
  • Fixes to player character bugs that occur in field areas under certain conditions.
  • Fixes to Red XIII’s abilities “Supernal Fervor” and “Watcher's Spirit” in battle, as these were easily cancelled.
  • Fixes to bugs occurring in battle under specific conditions that would cause enemies to freeze.
  • Fixes to bugs triggered by specific conditions that affect progress through quests.
  • Improvements to frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Addition of a “sharp” or “soft” option for graphical output in Performance Mode.
  • Improvements to graphical quality.
  • Reflected reversed camera controls while controlling a gliding sky chocobo.
  • Reflected reversed camera controls in the sharpshooting minigame.
  • Emphasised the path along the climbable vines in the Mythril Mine.
  • Added difficulty selection to the customisation screen of the minigames Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits.

We will be releasing an update file (Version 1.010) for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH on the game’s release date, to allow everyone to have an even more comfortable gameplay experience.

This update contains Fixes for a number of bugs and improvements to various areas of game functionality.
Please enjoy FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH with the latest updates available where you can.

This update will contain the content listed below.

Version 1.010

  • Several text fixes
  • Fixes for a very rarely occurring bug where it would sometimes become impossible to progress in the game under specific conditions.
  • Fixes for bugs that occur in battles triggered by specific conditions.
  • The effects of several items have been corrected to do what they were originally intended to.
  • Enabling players to claim the bonus item for having save data from the demo.
  • Addition of new functionality that allows the player to repair Chocobo Stops without having to dismount first.
  • Improvements to visual fidelity when selecting the screen mode “Performance Mode” from the graphics settings.
  • Improvements to visual quality and controls relating to the game’s HUD, graphics and frame rate.
  • Lifting of the capture restrictions in the final part of the game.
  • Improvements to overall game stability.