Celebrate FINAL FANTASY's 35th anniversary with a majestic piano performance, CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE!

For the first-time in an official piano concert, each concert will feature sublime live performances of beloved titles such as “Heavensward” from FINAL FANTASY XIV, “Somnus” from FINAL FANTASY XV, and “Zanarkand” from FINAL FANTASY X, in perfect sync with impressive HD game footage projected onto a giant screen!

And classics from FINAL FANTASY I through IX won’t be forgotten, with pieces such as “One-Winged Angel” or “Liberi Fatali”. Emotions will be elevated with music being performed perfectly in sync with HD video projections of the most memorable moments of each game.

From Boston to Los Angeles, from London to Budapest, from Singapore to Sydney, CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE: FINAL FANTASY Piano Concert will be performed in more than 45 cities and in some of the world’s most gorgeous concert halls, featuring premium acoustics and some luxurious atmospheres.

The tour includes venues such as the Cadogan Hall (London), the Glass Hall Magna Auditorium (Vienna), the Musikaliska (Stockholm), the Esplanade Concert Hall (Singapore), the Lincoln Center (New York), and the Madison Center for the Arts (Phoenix).

Published 3 November 2022
  • Concert
  • La Fée Sauvage