WAR TABLE Weekly Blog #67

WAR TABLE Weekly Blog #67

Yelena Belova says “hi.”

The Red Room Takeover has returned! From 9/12 - 23/12, get in there and dance around the techno lava once more to earn two team Nameplates and Surging Gear.

Hawkeye? Hawkeye. From 2/12 to 16/12, complete the following to earn a special Hawkeye Nameplate!

  • Complete Taking AIM (Kate Bishop Campaign)
  • Complete Future Imperfect (Hawkeye Campaign)
  • Level Kate Bishop to Level 50
  • Level Hawkeye to Level 50
  • Complete one Warzone with Kate and Hawkeye in the Strike Team
  • Pet Lucky on the Hellicarrier

Additionally, there’s a free Nameplate to claim in this week’s Marketplace! Go stream Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye now on Disney+!

Published 15 December 2021
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