Black History Month: Meet some amazing cosplayers

We’re celebrating some of the astonishingly talented cosplayers who bring their passion and talent to our community.
By Square Enix

For this year’s Black History Month, we wanted to celebrate not just the people of color working within Square Enix, but also our endlessly talented community.

We’re blessed to have some of the most creative fans in the world - passionate people who put their heart, soul and creativity into creating amazing art, cosplay and more. Today, we’re highlighting four of those fantastic fans and their astonishingly impressive cosplay.


How did you get into cosplay?

I got into cosplay after one of my close friends from high school told me about a local anime convention (Youmacon) and convinced me to go in 2010.

Before then, I’d already made a Halloween costume of my favorite videogame character at the time but hadn't heard of cosplay yet. When I went to the con, I was amazed that there was an entire community surrounding making or buying costumes of characters from anime and games and that it wasn't just reserved for Halloween.

I was inspired by all of the amazing and creative builds that people made and quickly found myself brainstorming which of my favorite characters to cosplay next, knowing there was a whole community of people who found fun in the hobby as well.

Since then, I've learned tons of useful skills that I use for cosplay and non-cosplay related applications and also have made many good friends through cosplay too!"

What does Black History Month represent for you?

To me, Black History Month is a time to highlight much of the innovation and accomplishments made by the black community past and present.

It is also a time to discuss the history of African Americans, highlight the change that's been brought forth through action and to highlight the changes that still have yet to be made. It is a time to lift up and support the black community as a reminder that we are capable and talented people despite what prejudices we may find ourselves up against in our day to day lives.

Historically, being black has had negative associations, however it's important to combat the negativity and damaging stereotypes by highlighting the incredible strength, intellect, and numerous accomplishments to come out of the black community.

How are you planning to celebrate Black History Month this year?

Although I typically do these things year round, I plan on seeking out more black owned small business to support as well as talking about the importance of black representation in games and other similar media.

Black representation is something that is extremely important to me especially as someone within the cosplay community. It's nice to see characters that look like me!


How did you get into cosplay?

I started cosplaying due to a bet from my Twitch community when I was a brand new streamer! My first cosplay was Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I had so much fun doing it, honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had, that I just continued to do it!

What does Black History Month represent for you?

While I believe in uplifting black creators, businesses, and just black people in general at all times, not just during February, I really enjoy Black History Month because I love seeing the spotlight on all the talent, skill, and success of black individuals.

It’s a great opportunity for black creators to be seen and discovered by people who can go on to become dedicated fans and supporters well past February.

How are you planning to celebrate Black History Month this year?

I’ll be personally celebrating by participating in “28 days of black cosplay” and posting a cosplay of mine every day.


How did you get into cosplay?

I got into cosplay by attending NYC Comic con when I graduated high school.

I went on Friday with no costume felt out of the loop. So the next two days I went as my favorite Street fighter character Dudley. I made the costume in a night! Then, after two years of college. I started cosplaying again while living in England and just kept practicing my craft till this day.

What does Black History Month represent for you?

Black History Month represent the past and present of black talent, hard work and accomplishments Why we matter, despite the amount oppression we fast on our upbringing in the world.

How are you planning to celebrate Black History Month this year?

By sharing the works of fellow black cosplayers and their accomplishments.


How did you get into cosplay?

I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve always been a huge nerd. Cosplaying is just the perfect intersection of my love of creating and of pop culture.

I started attending cons in high school and when I learned about cosplay, I was immediately interested and did my first one at the next con I went to!

What does Black History Month represent for you?

For me, Black History Month is a time to celebrate all of the black activists, creators, inventors and innovators that have made and are continuing to make this world better.

How are you planning to celebrate Black History Month this year?

I usually celebrate by participating in #28DaysofBlackCosplay, but I’ve done that for the past three or four years. This year I decided to take a break and go on vacation!

Many thanks to the talented creators above. You can see more of their work by visiting the links under each profile above!

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