Changes to the Outerworld Services in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

By Square Enix Team

Time is finite in the world of Lightning Returns and it seems that time has run out for some of the Outerworld features in the game. This is just a quick heads up that unfortunately, the following Facebook functionality will be disabled in April:

  • Posting to your Facebook newsfeed- Viewing other players’ Outerworld posts on Facebook- The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Timeline Application- Summoning other players’ posts  All other Outerworld Services features will not be affected and will continue to work as usual though. So you can continue to take snapshots and post them on Twitter and see other peoples’ Outerworld tweets.

The Siegfried garb, which can be obtained by submitting your battle score after defeating Zaltys in the demo, can be acquired automatically after April 1 by enabling Outerworld services so you won’t lose out on any content.

Thank you to everyone who used the Outerworld Services on Facebook since the game came out (over a year ago now!) We hope you’ll still enjoy exploring the world of Lightning Returns and have fun playing the game. I still need to go back and get the Platinum Trophy for it. Guess that’s my plan sorted for this Sunday afternoon!