Free DRAGON QUEST TREASURES demo now available

Start your quest for booty now for free in a brand new demo for Nintendo Switch! Plus your progress carries over to the main game!
By Duncan Heaney

What are you hoping for in 2023? Wealth? Friendship? Adventure? You’ll find all this and more (metaphorically at least) in DRAGON QUEST TREASURES… and you can get a taste right now in a brand new demo for Nintendo Switch!

This hearty taster for the game introduces you to loot-loving siblings Erik and Mia and the world of Draconia - a beautiful land that’s full of sparkling treasures and other wonders that just beg to be discovered.

While you wait for it to download, here’s a quick look at what to expect:

What’s in the DRAGON QUEST TREASURES demo?

The new demo takes you through the opening sections of the game. You’ll join Erik and Mia - two young heroes who dream of escaping their lives and making their own fortunes. The opportunity comes along when they free two mysterious creatures, Purrsula and Porcus, and discover the mysterious Dragon Daggers.

This sets off a chain of events that transports the pair to Draconia - a land of floating islands where monsters run free. In the chaos, Mia is separated from Erik - you’ll take control of the enthusiastic young hero and learn the ins and outs of discovering loot.

Erik using a treasure vision

You’ll learn how to take advantage of monsters’ treasure visions to identify where chests are buried, and the ludicrously satisfying joy of digging up your prize (seriously, that little jingle hits perfectly every time).

There’s a lot more to discover in the demo, but the joy is in discovering it all for yourself. Don’t worry about losing progress (and loot) though - all your progress is carried over to the main game. So if you purchase the full version of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES, you can pick up exactly where you left off!

You’ll also get a nice little bonus if you play the full game after the demo: 5 Better Buddy Bullets! Fire one of these bad boys at a monster, and they’re more likely to want to join your gang!

Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest Treasures

What can you expect from the full version of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES?

Continue your adventures in the full game, and you’ll be able to experience the full scope of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES.

You’ll have total freedom to explore each of the game’s main islands however you like. From the marshes and swamps of the Wingswept Moors to the smoldering embers of Cinderback Ridge, each area is massive and packed with loot to locate, side quests to complete and monsters to battle… and then recruit to your gang.

Follow the story and search for the legendary Dragonstones, or just take your time to build your fortune - it’s entirely up to you. Watch out though - you’re not the only treasure hunters in town and some gangs prefer to steal their fortunes rather than find it…

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is out now for Nintendo Switch.

Mia using a dracky to glide above lava

How do you get the DRAGON QUEST TREASURES demo?

The demo is available to download now on the Nintendo eShop:

Get the demo

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is an endlessly entertaining game, full of heart and charm… and one that’s hard to put down so we hope you enjoy it! If you want some tips and tricks to get your adventure started, be sure to check out our guide:

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