FINAL FANTASY VII out on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

The fan-favorite FINAL FANTASY is now available on Nintendo and Microsoft platforms! Here's how you can get it...
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII is out now Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Originally released in 1997, FINAL FANTASY VII is a game of firsts. It was the first FINAL FANTASY to use 3D graphics, it was the first game in the series to feature cinematic pre-rendered cutscenes, and it was the first mainline FINAL FANTASY game to release in Europe.

Factor in the epic story, memorable characters and flexible combat system, and it’s easy to see how the game has built up a large fanbase. And with this new release, a whole new set of players can find out why it enjoys such acclaim.

What is FINAL FANTASY VII about?

FINAL FANTASY VII follows the epic adventure of Cloud Strife and his allies, as they get caught up in a massive struggle to stop the threat of Sephiroth and save the planet.

The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of the game retain the modern features present in the most recent PlayStation 4 and PC releases.

That includes autosave, the ability to maximise stats, turn off random enemy encounters and even speed up time.

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How do I get FINAL FANTASY VII for Nintendo Switch?

You can download FINAL FANTASY VII on Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop. Here's the link:

How do I get FINAL FANTASY VII for Xbox One?

FINAL FANTASY VII is now ready to download for the whole Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and the Universal Windows Platform app, which can be used on Windows 10. You can get it from the Xbox Games Store:

How else can I play FINAL FANTASY VII?

FINAL FANTASY VII is also available on PlayStation 4 and Steam: