What can you expect from the characters, combat and world of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH? Read a preview of the game here.
By Duncan Heaney

The exciting new trailer for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH no doubt left many of you eager to learn more about this brilliant RPG. If you missed it, take a look:

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the game, including the story, key characters, the world, battle and more.


The second entry in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project is a full-lengh standalone adventure that takes Cloud and his comrades on a journey into the unknown wilderness, on the trail of the legendary SOLDIER Sephiroth.


A new story unfolds across a magnificent and multifaceted world - one filled with rich environments just waiting to be explored on foot or on chocoback.

The Characters

First up, let’s introduce (or reintroduce for some of you) a few of the characters in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife
  • Voice actor: Cody Christian

An ex-SOLDIER: first class, Cloud came to Midgar to start a new chapter of his life as a mercenary. At the invitation of his childhood friend, Tifa, he accepts a job with Avalanche.

Together, they confront Shinra, ultimately leaving Midgar behind in pursuit of Sephiroth and the truth - a quest which will lead them to defy destiny itself.

  • Weapon: Sword

Cloud fights by switching between modes specializing in mobility and offense. A single swipe of his huge sword can knock several foes off their feet at once.

Some of his abilities also allow him to take the fight to the air.

Barret Wallace

Barret Wallace
  • Voice actor: John Eric Bentley

The leader of an independent Avalanche cell, Barret spearheads an operation to take down Shinra's mako reactors. He pays a hefty price for this, however, when the company retaliates, and his comrades die in the crossfire.

Armed with the memories of his lost friends and the newfound knowledge of Sephiroth's plans, he departs Midgar in hope of saving the planet and safeguarding a future for his daughter Marlene.

  • Weapon: Gunarm

What he lacks in speed, Barret makes up for in both sturdiness and strength, converting his anger toward Shinra into raw firepower.

He employs a variety of ranged attacks, from rapid-fire salvos to powerful explosions, which allow him to strike foes high in the air or across the battlefield.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart
  • Voice Actor: Britt Baron

Though a loyal member of Avalanche - an underground organization that opposes Shinra - Tifa nevertheless questions the group's extremist tactics, struggling to reconcile her cause with her conscience.

This internal conflict reaches a fever pitch when her group's actions effectively lead to the fall of the Sector 7 plate. Racked with guilt, she leaves Midgar in search of a new path to tread.

  • Weapon: Gloves

Tifa strings together swift combos while utilizing a variety of martial art techniques.

Her ATB fills quickly, allowing for the use of multiple abilities in rapid succession. She also boasts several skills that deal more damage to airborne or staggered foes.

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough
  • Voice Actor: Briana White

A flower seller who lives in the Sector 5 undercity and the last remaining descendant of the Cetra, a people known for communing with the planet.

Shinra takes her prisoner in their efforts to reach the Cetra's foretold "promised land," but Cloud and company come to her rescue. She escapes Midgar and embarks on a journey into the outside world of which she has long dreamed.

  • Weapon: Staff

Aerith utilizes the power of magic. She casts spells from a safe distance and launches attacks that home in on her foes. She can also conjure beneficial wards and warp between them, as well as restore the party's HP with her limit break.


  • Voice Actor: Max Mittelman

Red XIII is a beast with a flaming tail, crimson fur, deadly claws, and the ability to speak. Cloud and company help him escape Professor Hojo's clutches, and he decides to join them on their journey.

His species is known for their long life spans, and he is no exception. As this Cosmo Canyon native is the eldest member of the party, he offers its members words of wisdom from time to time.

  • Weapon: Collar

Red XIII sets upon foes with an unrelenting assault, laying into them with a beastly ferocity.

Guarding against incoming attacks will feed his Vengeance gauge. Once it is full, he can unleash his inner beast, but sufficient skill is required to maximize its potential.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie Kisaragi
  • Voice Actor: Suzie Yeung

A member of Wutai's elite corps of ninja operatives, Yuffie infiltrates Midgar on a mission to steal the "ultimate materia" from Shinra. Her plan ends in disaster, as she fails to claim the materia and loses her partner Sonon in the struggle.

Just as working alone begins to take its toll on her, however, Cloud's group comes into the picture.

  • Weapon: Throwing Star

Using her throwing star and ninja skills, Yuffie excels at both long- and close-range combat.

Elemental ninjutsu allows her to exploit enemies' weaknesses without relying on spells. She also keeps opponents on their toes with a variety of aerial attacks and tricky techniques.

Cait Sith

Cait Sith
  • Voice Actor: Paul Tinto

A wisecracking, feline-shaped robot often seen poised atop his big moogle pal. One of the Gold Saucer's most popular mascots, he is well loved for his fortune telling - a service he also offers to Cloud and friends.

His adorable appearance also belies access to a surprising amount of insider intel on Shinra.


  • Voice Actor: Tyler Hoechlin

A former SOLDIER: 1st class of legendary renown, he is said to have died in the line of duty in Nibelheim five years ago. This is proven untrue when he appears at the Shinra Building and absconds with a research specimen known as "Jenova."

He now toys with Cloud at every opportunity, seeking to change the course of destiny and rule the planet.

Zack Fair

Zack Fair
  • Voice Actor: Caleb Pierce

Zack may have worked with Sephiroth as a SOLDIER: 1st class, but he trained under a different operator, and it is from this man that he both learned to take pride in his work and received his iconic buster sword.

After a grueling battle in which he overcomes the odds and cheats death, Zack returns to Midgar - where he hopes to see his love Aerith - with a mako-poisoned Cloud in tow.


In this game, players can freely roam across lush grasslands and rugged wildernesses, all while enjoying a wide variety of quests and mini-games.

Face off against the threats that await you by teaming up with your comrades and unleashing powerful new synergy abilities (more in this later in the article).

The world is divided into several regions, with each one offering different environments to explore and experience. Where you go and how you get there is up to you.


Chocobos are the adorable feathered friends of the FINAL FANTASY series.

In this game, once you catch a chocobo in the wild, you can call it at any time in that region, and it will offer you special assistance in traversing its home terrain.

You can also customize your chocobo's equipment to create a steed that's suited just for you.

Hop aboard your chocobo to explore the world with ease. Try sprinting if you're in a hurry to reach your next destination.

Mountain Chocobos

Cloud riding a mountain chocobo

Using their mighty talons, these chocobos can climb up and down steep slopes that bear special markings. Even if a destination seems inaccessible by foot, you might be able to get there on chocoback!

Sky Chocobos

These chocobos can take flight from gliding ranges and soar across peaks and valleys. Take to the skies and nothing will stand in your way.


In addition to chocobos, this game features many other ways to get from one place to another.

Take your friends on a buggy ride through the wastelands, or do some seaside sightseeing aboard a wheelie...

Put these various vehicles to use as you explore the world!


The buggy, which can be ridden across sandy terrain, can also drive through shallow water and travel faster than chocobos.

Buckle up and take the party on a wild ride through the vast desert.


In the seaside resort of Costa del Sol, you can ride around on a wheelie, a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle.

Tour the town at your own pace, all while taking in the beautiful scenery of this land of eternal summer.


All kinds of unique elements of fun await you - not just stories and battles. You can enjoy the numerous minigames available across the game's world.


The "Spinning Slash," which uses a large sword to reap enemies, and the super-accelerating “Nitrous Boost" are just a few of the many things you can do in this bike game.

Fight off the relentless gun-shooting participants and win the battle that goes beyond just speed.

Chocobo Races

Prepare for a fierce race to test your chocobo riding skills. Break the balloons that appear along the way to use various techniques. Deepen the bond with your chocobo and aim for first place!

3D Brawler

Manipulate 3D polygons and take on your opponent in a one-on-one match. Avoid your opponent's attacks and deliver a powerful punch. If you use powerful limit moves, which you can unleash by continuing to land hits, victory will surely be yours.

The Battle System

Next, we’ll look at the battle system in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. Action and strategy combine in thrilling combat, now made even more exciting thanks to the addition of new team-based abilities!

From flashy, action-packed fights to slower, strategic battles, this game offers ways for players of all types to enjoy fighting enemies.

First we’ll go over the basics of the battle system:

Press □ (Square) to perform a normal attack. Dealing damage will also fill the ATB gauge needed to use abilities and spells.

Open the command menu with x (Cross) to enter Tactical Mode, which slows down the passage of time.

Devise your strategies in the moment or register commands as shortcuts and use them as you see fit.

Equipping weapons and setting materia will grant access to a wide range of abilities. Using these abilities requires you to expend charges from the ATB gauge, which fills as time passes or whenever you deal damage.

Magic materia can be set in weapons and armor to enable the use of spells such as Fire and Cure. Casting spells consumes both ATB charges as well as MP.

Press △ (Triangle) to activate a character's unique ability. Some of these abilities do not require ATB, but instead take time to charge.

Synergy Abilities

Synergy Abilities are powerful attacks in which two characters team up to turn the tide of battle.

More abilities will unlock as you increase the party level - a numerical expression of how closely-knit your team is - and deepen the affinity between party members.

Fill the synergy gauge by using unique abilities and prepare to unleash a synchronized assault!

Let’s take a look at just a few of the synergy abilities in the game:

Cloud / Sephiroth: Double Helix

Sephiroth unleashes an elegant flurry of strikes, and Cloud does his best to follow suit.

Yuffie / Barret: Ninja Carbine

Barret and Yuffie lean into their shared prowess and unleash a ranged attack.

Aerith / Cait Sith: Kitty Cannonade

Aerith imbues Cait Sith's moogle with magical energy and unleashes a ranged attack.


Equipping summoning materia will grant access to the power of the gods.

A conjured deity will follow your lead and fight enemies automatically, but you can also instruct them to use special abilities. Before they depart the battlefield, summons will unleash one final attack powerful enough to wipe out any foe.

Here are a couple of the new summons coming in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH


An enormous, armor-plated weapon that towers over even other summons. No ordinary foe could possibly withstand an assault from its entire arsenal.


A horse-riding swordsman who brandishes an enormous blade known as Zantetsuken. He gallops toward foes and sends them flying with a single, sweeping slash.

Screenshot Gallery

Let’s close this preview with some new screenshots that hint at the amazing visuals and epic adventure that await in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.

You can click or tap the image to open the photo gallery and see larger versions.


We hope you enjoyed this closer look at FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. The game releases on February 29, 2024 for PS5 and is available to preorder now!

Preorder any digital edition of the game to get the following bonus item:

  • Moogle Trio Summoning Materia (in game item)

What’s more, if you have a save file from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE or FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, you will be able to claim the following items in FINAL FANTASY REBIRTH:


  • Summon Materia: Leviathan


  • Summon Materia: Ramuh

Please note that save data must be saved on the PS5 system.

Standard Edition (physical and digital)

Available both digitally and physically. The physical version comes across two discs and includes a reversible cover.

This edition includes:

  • The full game

It’s available to preorder now:

A Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade will also be available to purchase for the digital Standard Edition, which adds Digital Deluxe Edition content. This cannot be preordered and will become available when the game launches.

Deluxe Edition (physical only)

The physical Deluxe Edition also includes the below:

  • The full game
  • Steelbook® case
  • A mini soundtrack CD (in jewel case)
  • Physical artbook

It's available to preorder now:

Digital Deluxe Edition (digital only)

Available to preorder from the PlayStation Store, this edition includes:

  • The full game
  • Digital mini soundtrack
  • Digital artbook
  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (in-game item)
  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (in-game item)
  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (in-game item)

It’s available to preorder now:

Collector’s Edition

Available from the Square Enix Store, this edition is a real treat for fans. It includes:

  • The full game (across two discs)
  • FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH STATIC ARTS - SEPHIROTH - a large, highly detailed statue of Sephiroth
  • Steelbook® case
  • A mini soundtrack CD
  • Physical artbook features stunning illustrations and concept art from the game
  • Moogle Trio Summoning Materia (in-game item)
  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (in-game item)
  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (in-game item)
  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (in-game item)

It’s available to preorder now:

Twin Pack (digital only)

This terrific twin pack gives you access to both FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE and the upcoming game FANTASY VII REBIRTH.

Once ordered, you can start playing FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE right away and be ready to continue the adventure in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH on release day.

The set includes:


Purchase this twin set before launch to get a substantial discount - essentially you can get both titles together for the same price as one standard edition! Check the PlayStation Store to see prices in your region:

Digital Deluxe Twin Pack (digital only)

This bumper bundle gives you both FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE and the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Digital Deluxe Edition, and all the awesome content that comes with it.

Once purchased, you can start playing FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE right away:

It includes:

  • FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Digital Deluxe Edition - full game
  • FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Digital mini soundtrack
  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH in-game item)
  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH in-game item)
  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH in-game item)

It’s available to order now. What’s more, purchase before launch for a significant discount on the price of both games!

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