Preview some upcoming FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE action figures

From Cloud and Sephiroth, to Rude and Reno, we take a look at some incredible FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI figures - due for release later this year!
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE contains some of the best - and most beloved - characters in all of gaming. It’s a cast worth celebrating - and what better way than to bring them out of the virtual world into the real one?

A number of brand new FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI action figures are due for release in 2020 and 2021.

These beautifully made and fully articulated pieces, capture the game’s heroes and villains with an astonishing attention to detail - to the point where they look like they just stepped out of Midgar itself.

Ahead of their release, we wanted to highlight these figures and give you a quick glimpse at what to expect.

So let’s do that.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI - Cloud Strife ver.2

Let’s start with the main man himself - Cloud Strife.

This new figure features an updated face sculpt based on the in-game 3D model. In fact, it's extremely detailed in all aspects, from Cloud’s confident expression to his shiny earring. And just look at those eyes - those are mako eyes!

As you’d expect, the SOLDIER - sorry, ex-SOLDIER - comes with upgraded iconic Buster Sword. As in the game, its covered with nicks and rust, giving the impression that the weapon has seen its fair share of combat.

It’s intensely poseable too, allowing you to contort Cloud into lots of different positions too. Want him relaxed, with his sword on his back? Not a problem. Or maybe have him hold his blade in two hands ready to bring it down - if you’re feeling braver.

Available: August 2020


As a skilled martial artist, Tifa needs to be flexible and this action figure more than delivers in that respect!

The figure has multiple points of articulation, including updated joints in her arms and knees, so whether you want her punching, kicking or just relaxing at Seventh Heaven, you can make her look just right.

For added drama, you can switch heads and hands. You can have Tifa with open or closed fists, and even switch her hair for a wind-swept look to emphasize a feeling of movement.

Available: November 2020

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI – Barret Wallace Ver. 2

This passionate leader of AVALANCHE cuts an imposing figure in the game - and this action figure is no different.

All the details have been taken directly from the in-game model, from his striking tattoos to the expression of resolve on his face. To get a sense of just how detailed the model is, take a look at how intricate his signature gun arm.

The figure features different hand options to allow for different poses and removable sunglasses, which are made from translucent material so you can see his eyes.

Available: October 2020

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI - Aerith Gainsborough

This strong-willed flower seller from the Sector 5 slums makes for a striking action figure.

An enormous amount of care has been taken to accurately recreate the texture of Aerith’s clothes and skin, and properly represent her character in physical form. It’s paid off because she looks like she stepped right out of the game.

This action figure comes with multiple accessories, including Aerith’s Guard Stick weapon, multiple hands to allow for different poses and even a flower basket - just in case any former SOLDIERS come wandering past.

Available: December 2020


Reno is one of the most skilled - and most eccentric - of Shinra’s Turks. He’s easily identifiable by his slim silhouette, distinctive red hair and slick sense of style - all of which have been perfectly captured in this action figure.

He comes equipped with his baton, multiple interchangeable hands and two head pieces that showcase his quirky personality.

Add an impressive range of articulation, and you have a figure as fun and freewheeling as the man himself.

Available: January 2021


Cool, composed and competent, Rude is the consummate professional. So he naturally also makes for the consummate action figure.

The fine details of the fan-favorite Turk have been painstakingly recreated from the game - his buff physique, the texture of his gloves and even the more subtle decorations like his earrings and chains.

Of course, his sunglasses are present and correct. We use translucent pieces that allow you to see his expression underneath the lens. If you want a rare glimpse at Rude without his signature shades you can have that too, with interchangeable heads!

Available: February 2021


Sephiroth, the legendary SOLDIER, war hero and Cloud-botherer makes for an impressively expressive action figure.

That’s partly due to the detailing on his face and clothes, but also due to his multiple points of articulation. Even his hair can be posed!

Accessories include Sephiroth’s famous - and lengthy! - Masamune sword, as well as interchangeable hands to allow for different positions and poses. There’s even an additional head piece with his eyes closed for when you want the figure to be particularly enigmatic.

Available: March 2021

That was just a brief look at the amazing range of Play Arts KAI action figures that are on their way in the coming months.

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