Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC includes console DLC

By Square Enix Team

Last week we announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming to PC on December 11, 2014 with a whole host of enhancements and features specifically for the PC version. Well today, I bring some more good news! I can confirm which pieces of DLC from the console version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be included in the upcoming PC/Steam release - and you can see what all that is in the handy list below!


Coliseum Battles

  • Omega (from Final Fantasy V)- Gilgamesh (from Final Fantasy V)- Ultros & Typhon (from Final Fantasy VI)- PuPu (from Final Fantasy VIII)- Lightning & Lieutenant Amodar (from Final Fantasy XIII)- PSICOM officer Jihl Nabaat (from Final Fantasy XIII) Outfits for Serah
  • Summoner’s Garb- Beachwear- White Mage Outfits for Noel
  • Battle Attire- Spacetime Guardian- Black Mage Outfits for Mog
  • A Wondrous Wardrobe Scenarios/Story DLC
  • Sazh: Heads or Tails?- Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess- Snow: Perpetual Battlefield  

It’s a nice big list right? That’s all the major DLC bundled together including 'Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess,' which in my opinion is the best and most important bit of DLC, so that’s a great bonus! All of the content listed above will come with the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 at no extra cost. We managed to get the vast majority of the console DLC bundled together in the PC version but sadly we weren’t able to get all of the original console DLC in there due to licensing and contractual restrictions. That means that the other console DLC content will not be released with the original Windows PC release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, or later on as separate update content.

In case you missed it the first time round there’s also more great news! Final Fantasy XIII-2 also comes with a load of other PC-specific features thanks to fan feedback such as:

  • 60 FPS support from launch- Customisable rendering resolution (720p, 1080p and more!)- Japanese (and English) voice support with subtitles And the last bit of good news is that the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII will also be getting an update in December to allow similar customisable rendering resolution options to Final Fantasy XIII-2.


So that’s a nice bit of news to share with you guys looking forward to the rest of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. I know it’s taken a little while to get the resolution issue fixed with Final Fantasy XIII but doing that is all down to your feedback. We do listen and try to fix things for you guys where we can so thank you for your continued support.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PC is coming out on December 11 and will cost £12.99/€15.99. If you pre-order it via the links below you can also get a nice 10% off.

Pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2 via the Square Enix Store

Pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2 via Steam 

Hopefully I’ll see you at the Historia Crux!