A first look at the heroes of OCTOPATH TRAVELER

You can start the game with any character. Who will you choose?
By Duncan Heaney

One of the coolest - and most distinct - features of OCTOPATH TRAVELER (releasing on PC 7 June, 2019) is that you can play through the game in any order you like.

The game features eight distinct protagonists, each with unique stories, but the order in which you complete those tales is entirely up to you!

That said, when you set out on your adventure, you will need to select a party leader - a role that falls to the first character you choose. While you can switch out characters, your starter remains in play until you finish their full tale.

Naturally, you might wonder: which character should I pick? Rogue or warrior? Merchant or mage? There is no wrong choice, so it really comes down to which one sounds most interesting to you.

If only there was some sort of chart or guide, to help you choose… oh, what’s that? There is:

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Meet the heroes of OCTOPATH TRAVELER

The characters in OCTOPATH TRAVELER are an eclectic bunch. Each has a unique class, and Path Actions - special abilities that can be used outside combat. Some even have additional talents that can help in and out of battle.

  • Name: Olberic Eisenberg

  • Class: Warrior

  • Weapons: Swords and polearms

  • Talent: Bolster Defense (take less damage in combat)

  • Path Action: Challenge (initiate a battle with NPCs)

  • Name: Cyrus Albright

  • Class: Scholar

  • Weapons: Staffs

  • Talent: Study Foe (identify enemy weaknesses)

  • Path Action: Scrutinize (uncover information and hidden items)

  • Name: Tressa Colzione

  • Class: Merchant

  • Weapons: Polearms and bows

  • Talent: Eye for money (randomly find money on the floor.)

  • Path Action: Purchase (buy items from NPCs)

  • Name: Ophilia Clement

  • Class: Cleric

  • Weapons: Staffs

  • Talent: Summon (get aid from followers in battle)

  • Path Action: Guide (NPCs will follow or be escorted by her)

Name: Primrose Azelhart

Class: Dancer

Weapons: Daggers

Talent: Summon (get aid from followers in battle)

Path Action: Allure (seduce NPCs into joining the party)

  • Name: Alfyn Greengrass

  • Class: Apothecary

  • Weapons: Axes

  • Talent: Concoct (combine ingredients in battle for various effects)

  • Path Action: Inquire (talk to NPCs to get information, items and more)

  • Name: Therion

  • Class: Thief

  • Weapons: Daggers and swords

  • Path Action: Steal (pickpocket NPCS)

  • Name: H’aanit

  • Class: Hunter

  • Weapons: Bows and axes

  • Talent: Capture (catch beasts and use them in battle)

  • Path Action: Provoke (Start a battle between beasts and NPCs)

That’s just the briefest of glimpses into the Travelers… but maybe you’re still not quite sure who’s right for you.

Come back next week, and we’ll take a more detailed look at their personalities, skills and stories. See you then!