The corrupted creatures and magnificent magic of Forspoken revealed

Showcasing some of the beautiful but deadly enemies you’ll face in Forspoken… and some of the ways you can take them on!
By Duncan Heaney
Tags: Forspoken

You have to feel for Frey Holland - the protagonist of Forspoken. This New Yorker finds herself transported to a beautiful but dangerous new world… and some of the inhabitants aren’t exactly friendly.

During the latest trailer, we get distressingly up close with some of the savage beasts that Frey must contend with in her quest to save the land of Athia… and some of the ways she can fight back.

If you missed the trailer, take a look:

Pretty exciting stuff, right? Let’s dig a little deeper into what was shown.

Frey’s foes

The world of Athia is vast, picturesque… and broken. It’s a land ravaged by ‘the Break’ - a creeping corruption that transforms whatever it touches into a twisted, distorted version of itself.

Corrupted deer looks out on Athia

Unfortunately for Frey, many of the creatures of the world have fallen victim to this insidious phenomenon - these beasts may be stunning to look at, but they’re also dangerously violent too, so watch out.

Close-up shot of the Gigas enemy

Among the enemies we revealed in the new trailer were the earth-shaking Gigas (above), the flying Apsaravis and of course, we’re reunited with our wild-winged dragon. This fierce foe is one of the first things to welcome Frey to Athia.

Actually, ‘welcome’ may not be an appropriate choice of words…

Frey battles against the Gigas
Two corrupted monsters in Athia
Frey launches a magic attack against a nightmarish enemy

Frey’s Powers

These monsters may be dangerous, but Frey’s pretty capable herself. The trailer also shows some of the amazing ways she can use impressive abilities for both combat and traversal.

Frey can learn many magical powers over the course of the game, some of which have been inspired by the elements and environments that surround her. For example, we see her using a move called ‘Storm Dart’, which lets her emit electrical energy during battle.

Insert your own ‘that’s shocking’ pun here.

Another move shown is ‘Eagre’, which lets Frey command barriers of water!

Frey casts a water magic attack

We also get another look at how pivotal her magical parkour is in combat encounters - Frey’s not a superhuman - she needs to be fast and mobile and avoid attacks where she can. Notice in the trailer how she can uses her speed and agility to stay on the move and avoid the Dragon’s brute force attacks!

She can even use her magical parkour ability to travel on top of water!

Frey uses a surf- board like magical parkour ability to travel on top of water

That was just a brief glimpse at some of the magical moments in Forspoken. The game launches on Oct 11, 2022, on PS5 and PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store).

We’ll have much more to show you as we parkour closer to that release date, so make sure to follow Forspoken on social media to see the big news first!