Luminous Productions’ Forspoken releases May 24, 2022

New story details, new characters, new screenshots and more! Plus, the release date revealed!
By Duncan Heaney
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Okay, stop everything you’re doing and watch the new Forspoken trailer:

Forspoken question

Unveiled during The Game Awards 2021, the new trailer shows new story elements as well as a fresh look at gameplay… and perhaps most importantly when you can play it! Let’s go deeper and break down all the new and awesome stuff showcased in the trailer.

Forspoken screenshot
Forspoken screenshot

New story details

We’ve shown you glimpses of the game’s setting before, but the new trailer gives you the closest look at the land of Athia yet. This land is beautiful, but also cruel and mysterious. It’s been devastated by the ‘Break’ - a relentless miasma that corrupts all it touches.

Well, perhaps not quite all - somehow our hero, Frey Holland, has escaped the effects of the Break, and in doing so, has become a beacon of hope for this ravaged world and its last remaining citizens.

Forspoken screenshot

Introducing Tanta Prav

Athia is ruled by a group of ultra-powerful matriarchs called Tantas. These twisted figures are formidable foes for Frey - powerful, destructive, and utterly ruthless. The Game Awards trailer introduces you to a new one: Tanta Prav.

Tanta Prav artwork

This maddened sorceress is played by The Walking Dead’s (TV Series) Pollyanna McIntosh and is an insidious threat for the young Frey. As McIntosh herself says, “I’ve had such a fun time playing Tanta Prav and I’m excited for players to see how remorseless and unrelenting she is. I think she will prove to be a ruthless adversary for players as they follow Frey on her journey in the land of Athia.”

Forspoken screenshot
Forspoken screenshot

A new look at gameplay

If you’ve seen any footage of the game, you’ve no doubt noticed how fast and fluid Frey is as she traverses the world. The latest trailer shows how Frey can use her magic powers to overcome obstacles and move freely around the environment.

Magic-infused parkour is but one of the things that Frey can do - she can also utilise her abilities to battle the savage beasts that she’ll encounter across Athia.

The new trailer reveals some the monstrous creatures that Frey must contend - horrors like Breakzombies, Amphicyons, Miacis, Riven Carcasses and Jabberwocks. With names like those, you know they’re not going to be pleasant to deal with.

Forspoken screenshot

The release date is May 24, 2022

Perhaps the biggest question fans have about the game is a simple one: “when can we play it!?”

We’re excited to announce that the game is set for release on May 24, 2022, for PS5 and PC via STEAM, the Epic Games Store and Windows Store.

What’s more, it’s available to preorder now, and there are some cool bonuses for doing so:

  • Preorder on PS5 (PlayStation Store) to get the No Limits Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace, Trigger Happy Nails and Crafting Starter Kit (digital only)

  • Pre-purchase on PC (STEAM, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) to get an Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace and Overclock Nails (digital only)

Forspoken screenshot

The Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition

If you want even more, there’s also a Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition. It contains:

  • Rare Resource Kit (only included for the PS5 version)

  • Mini Artbook (Digital Download)

  • Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)

  • Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust prequel story DLC (coming Winter 2022, following the game’s launch. Players who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive early access to this prequel story DLC when released)

Preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition now:

Forspoken screenshot

Only a few months to go until you can join Frey in Athia on May 24, 2022 - but you can be sure we’ll have more to tell you about the game before that.

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