HARVESTELLA: New story, locations, combat job and pets revealed! And… introducing Omens!

We showcase some of the Fall-influenced locations, gameplay, characters and more you’ll encounter in this new Life Simulation RPG.
By Duncan Heaney

It’s time for another look at HARVESTELLA - the new Life Simulation RPG, coming November 4, 2022!

Previously, we gave you a closer look at the game’s many activities, including farming and fishing, socializing with friends, and taking on dangerous foes in battle. Read those articles here:

Today, we’re going to show you some information about how your adventure begins, the characters known as Omens, a job to use in combat, and even some newly revealed locations!

We’ll also show you some of the things you can grow and cook in Fall - if these autumnal appetisers don’t make your mouth water, nothing will!


HARVESTELLA is set in a world where four giant crystals - called ‘Seaslight’ - govern the seasons. However, these crystals have started to behave abnormally - and something new has appeared: Quietus.

It occurs in the interim between seasons, and it’s quickly established itself as the ‘Season of Death’. A deadly dust emerges from the Seaslight, causing crops to wither and people to remain trapped indoors.

The story truly begins when the protagonist - in other words, you - awakens on a hill near Lethe Village.

You’ve been saved by a doctor named Cres.

To the North of Lethe Village, a meteorite-like object blazes through the sky and falls to the ground!

A wounded Omen is found inside the object. These mysterious, armored figures are believed to the root cause of the calamity that has befallen the world.

Thus your new life begins - living in a vacant house on Bird’s Eye Brae near Lethe Village and watching over the Omen.

The cycle of gameplay

You start each day by waking up in your bed at home. What you do next is entirely up to you!

For example, you can work the fields…

…or go adventuring…

Whatever you decide to do each day, your actions will become more limited as you start to feel sleepy.

Make sure you go home and get some sleep before the night is over!

Fall Locations: Lethe Village and Higan Canyon

Next, let’s take a look at some of the places you’ll visit in HARVESTELLA that are governed, or influenced, by the Fall Seaslight.

Concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo

This art shows the Fall Seaslight during regular seasons.

Concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo

And here it is during Quietus.

Lethe Village

This is Lethe Village - a settlement near to the hill known as Bird’s Eye Brae, which is where you make your home.

Since Lethe is reasonably close to all the Seaslight, it experiences the four seasons.

The village is full of useful stores, where you can find everyday essentials or make preparations before setting out for adventure. These include:

A General Store…

…a Blacksmith…

…and a Renovator.

Higan Canyon

The way to the Fall Seaslight passes through Higan Canyon.

This area is categorized by the striking foliage that blazes a deep crimson.

You head into the canyon in pursuit of a girl who departed for the Seaslight.

It seems you’ll be heading for the Seaslight with an Omen you encounter on the way.

A unicorn makes an abrupt appearance - but is it friend or foe?


We’ve talked about Omens throughout this article - but what exactly are they?

Omens cover themselves in thick armour and carry out investigations on the Seaslights – although their motives are unknown.

Because of such actions, Omens are hated and feared by humans, who believe them to be behind the occurrence of Quietus.

It’s true that the Omens are shrouded in mystery. What is their objective?

Higan Canyon Encounter: Dianthus 

Dianthus is one such Omen. As she heads through Higan Canyon towards the Fall Seaslight for her own purposes, she becomes unable to move.

After being saved by the protagonist, they continue on towards the Fall Seaslight together.

Adventure: Job - the Assault Savant

When you’re exploring dangerous areas and dungeons, you’ll have to fight. Fortunately, you’re able to equip different jobs, which the weapon and abilities you can use in combat. When you recruit a character, you also gain the ability to use their job yourself!

Previously we’ve showcased the Fighter, Mage, Shadow Walker, and Sky Lancer jobs - today, allow us to introduce the Assault Savant!

This job utilizes science and martial arts. You can use skills to switch the attributes and effects of your regular attacks.

Adventure: Break Gauges and Special Attacks

Strong enemies, such as bosses, have four types of ‘elemental weaknesses’.

Attacking these weaknesses fills up Break Gauges, which will increase the damage towards enemies and enable you to activate a one-time special attack during a battle!

Elemental gauges are located on the top left of the battle screen.

The gauges will be in a “Break State” once they are filled up, allowing you to inflict more damage to enemies.

Special attacks can be activated once Break Gauges adjacent to each other go into a Break State.

You can learn special attacks by strengthening your bond with your comrades.

Daily Life: Special Fall Produce

HARVESTELLA lets you create your own farm and cultivate crops for cooking, crafting, and selling. Some produce can be grown all year round, while others can only be harvested in a particular season.

Let’s take a look at just a few examples of Fall produce:

Lantern Pumpkin.

Rainbow Bean.

Royal Eggplant.

Princess Chestnut.

Fall Cuisine

Lantern Pumpkin Gratin.

Lethe Egg King Cake.

Tomato and Eggplant Cheese Bake.

Mont Blanc.

Of course, there’s lots more Fall crops to grow and plenty more meals to make - each more mouthwatering than the last!

Daily Life: Pets

The area around your house on Bird’s Eye Brae is perfect for pets and livestock! You can even ride your pet Totokaku to move quickly around the world map!

Your Totokaku isn’t just for travel - sometimes it might dig something up!

You can feed your Totokaku to help it grow and become stronger. As it levels up, it’ll be able to do more things during travel.

Daily Life: Livestock

Building animal pens near your house on Bird’s Eye Brae will allow you to rear cluffowl and woolums. Rearing livestock will allow you to obtain eggs and milk, which you can then use in your cooking.

In addition to eggs and milk, there are certain things you’ll be able to obtain by raising your bond with your livestock.

You can increase the number of livestock you can look after by building more animal pens.

You can make feed with the Feed Maker processor.

Daily Life: Letters

Sometimes you’ll receive letters in your mailbox.

These might contain presents from mayor or words of thanks from people you’ve helped.

Some letters may even lead to the start of a new story!

…but that’s the end of our story for today.

We hope you’re feeling excited for the game - there’s only a few months to go before release!

HARVESTELLA launches November 4, 2022 digitally for Switch and Steam. A physical edition for Switch will also be available. The game is available to preorder now:

We’ll have more to share about the game in the coming months, so make sure to follow Square Enix on social media: