Heavenstrike Rivals and Adventures of Mana - 2nd Collaboration

By Square Enix Team

Last week, we announced the 2nd collaboration with smartphone version of Adventures of Mana on tactical RPG “Heavenstrike Rivals” for the smartphone. In this new collaboration, you can obtain Adventures of Mana collaboration units through Gacha and collaboration event quests.

If you haven’t heard, you have a full day today (until April 12, 2016 at 7AM (PDT) for this collaboration Gacha.

Sisters of “Amanda” and “Lester” from Adventures of Mana appear on Heavenstrike Rivals as a collaboration unit that can be obtained via collaboration Gacha.

During this collaboration period, “Hero” and “The Dark Lord” from its first collaboration appear again. If you missed to obtain them at the first collaboration, now is your second chance to obtain them.

In addition, “Marcy” from Adventures of Mana can be obtained by completing collaboration quests. The harder it gets to complete the quest, the better chance you obtain “Marcy.” Moreover, placing “Amanda,” “Lester,” “Hero,” and “The Dark Lord” in your squad has higher chance, up to 30%, to obtain “Marcy.”

The more Adventures of Mana units are in the squad, the higher chance it is to obtain “Marcy” after completing the quest. (Until April 12, 2016 7:00 (PDT)| April 13th, 2016 14:00 (GMT))

Let’s get all of Adventures of Mana units and try this collaboration quests!

We will see you on the 3rd collaboration of Adventures of Mana coming soon!

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