Just Cause 4 Development Update: April 2, 2019

An update from the team, and an exclusive look at the first DLC
By The Just Cause 4 team

First, a big thank you to everyone that’s tuned in for each Just Cause 4 Developer Blog Update. We really appreciate all of the support you have shown us, and we will continue to post these blogs as we deliver more updates to the game.

We can confirm that further patches and content is coming to Just Cause 4. The team has been working hard on these future updates to the game, as we continue to listen to player feedback, aiming to address the most requested improvements to the game as quickly as possible.

We additionally have a separate team working on our upcoming DLC content. We will soon have more to reveal on the Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass, but for now, we’d like to show an exclusive glimpse at our first Expansion Pass content:

We will continue to update and improve Just Cause 4 and we’re pleased to confirm that the next few updates will bring some additional content! More on that at a later date. Stay tuned!

The Just Cause Team