These Just Cause 4 Stunt Squad skills have to be seen to be believed

I mean… wow. Seriously
By Duncan Heaney

The first round of the Just Cause Stunt Squad competition is over and… well, frankly I’m blown away.

And a bit down if I’m honest - I mean, you go through life thinking you’re good at Just Cause 4, and then you see skills like this:

Congratulations to everyone who made the cut - particularly winner EV_Cartman who took the daily grind to a whole new level. Enjoy your swag - you earned it.

And well done to everyone else who took part. But you know - that’s just a small taste of the amazing stunts that were submitted.

BONUS: Some of the ones that got away

Unfortunately, a few submissions were from regions ineligible to take part in Stunt Squad. But even though they couldn’t win, we wanted to give them their due anyway, because some of them were absolutely spectacular - see for yourselves!

The runaway train goes down the… mountain? - by the lesi

This action sequence from YouTuber the lesi is absolutely insane. A train derailment is merely the beginning - soon Rico’s surfing down a mountain at insane speeds, zipping between disintegrating carriages and debris, all while blowing up the Black Hand. It’s like every action movie set piece rolled into one and it is glorious. Bravo.

Zip and Flip - by TheNiktheninja

Round and round and round it goes. Where will it stop? Nobody knows.

Actually, I do and it’s pretty crate.

No runway? No problem - by ThePyrotechnician

So, you want to get a plane in the sky but you don’t have a runway - what do you do?

Well, all you need is a speedboat, a grappling hook and some serious skills.

Sportive Double Bump Building - by MonkeyDTony

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s… wait, is that a car?!

MonkeyDTony gets some serious air and finds the perfect parking spot.

You can take part in Stunt Squad!

If you think you’ve got serious stunt skills, then you could join the Just Cause 4 Stunt Squad.

Simply submit your videos, and they may be shared with the millions of Just Cause fans around the world. And if glory’s not incentive enough, you also may be able to win exclusive prizes too (terms and conditions apply)!

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