5 things you’ll get to do in Life is Strange: True Colors

You may have seen the World Premiere of Life is Strange: True Colors, but what can you expect to do in the game? Here are 5 things to get excited about.
By Erin "Yuka" Bower

Today, as part of SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, the next major game in the award-winning Life is Strange series was revealed.

Featuring a brand-new cast, power, and story, it offers the perfect starting point for anyone new to the series, without any need to have played previous games. If you missed the show, here are 5 quick facts to get you up to speed.

1. You'll play as Alex Chen

Life is Strange: True Colors Alex Chen

In Life is Strange: True Colors, you’ll play as Alex Chen. At the age of 21, she travels to Haven Springs for a chance to reunite with her estranged brother.

Alex is sharp and witty, but initially keeps her distance from others, in the hopes of hiding her ‘curse’…

2. You'll wield the psychic power of Empathy

Life is Strange: True Colors Empathy power

Alex has long suppressed her ‘curse’: the supernatural ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which she sees as blazing, colored auras.

However, Alex must embrace her volatile power to solve the mystery that haunts Haven Springs.

3. You’ll solve a dark mystery

Life is Strange: True Colors screenshot

When Alex’s brother dies in a tragic so-called accident, Alex senses there’s a larger story behind what happened to him, and she sets out to discover the truth.

Only Alex – using her psychic power of empathy – can uncover what really happened. In doing so, she’ll uncover the dark secrets buried by the small town of Haven Springs.

4. You’ll find friendship – or possibly romance

Alex will need to build trust with the townsfolk to understand what happened to her brother. She’ll also meet two new friends who will support her through the investigation: Ryan, a kind-hearted, dorky park ranger, and Steph, a local radio DJ and LARP enthusiast.

Whether these friendships spark something more, is entirely up to you.

5. You'll choose your own path

Life is Strange: True Colors Haven Springs

Life is Strange games are all about making tough decisions, which impact your story and Alex’s future. Now, with a new level of freedom for the series, you can roam the streets, stores, and hidden spaces of Haven Springs, solving puzzles and helping the local townsfolk with your power.

You can also decide Alex’s style, with up to 24 outfits in your wardrobe to choose from – making your playthrough completely personal to you.

In the end, it will be down to your choices that will help Alex decide whether she can make this remote Colorado town somewhere she can finally call home.

Does this sound like your kind of game? If so, you should check out the trailer now:

Life is Strange

Life is Strange: True Colors arrives on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam on September 10. Unlike previous titles, it’s releasing all at once, so you can either binge-play it or use the chapter breaks to take an emotional breather now and then.

The game’s available to preorder now, with some great bonuses, including exclusive outfits, and the Deluxe Edition bonus story ‘Wavelengths’.

What’s more, if you preorder the Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition, you’ll get the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection included. This new bundle features the original Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, both remastered with improved visuals and animation.

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