The making of Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!

Go behind the scenes of the colourful Chocobo-themed dungeon crawler
By Duncan Heaney

The next video in our ongoing series of developer featurettes is here. This one focuses on the making of the adorable Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! - out now for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Inside Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! takes a look at the secrets and anecdotes from the game’s development process. It also features exclusive interviews with Shinji Hashimoto (Executive Producer) and Toshiyuki Itahana (Character Design). Take a look:

How to get Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: EVERY BUDDY!

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! is a reworking of 2007’s FINAL FANTASY Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon, that adds new mechanics and features that change the game dramatically.

The Square Enix Blog team’s been playing it almost non-stop since launch - to call it addictive would be an understatement!

Plus it also features a kweh-zly great soundtrack, with remixed tracks from FINAL FANTASY VII, FINAL FANTASY VIII, FINAL FANTASY IX and more!