Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Hulk

Want some tips and tricks for taking down those puny AIM bots? Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters shares some techniques on how to help Hulk Smash more effectively.
By Scott Walters

Hello - this is Scott Walters, Combat Designer at Crystal Dynamics. Today, I want to share some of my own tips and tricks about one of the most incredible Avengers of all - Hulk.

As you’d expect, Hulk’s combat style is aggressive and straight to the point, making him the ideal choice for players who just want to rush in and start smashing stuff.

Although Hulk was designed to be straightforward and easy to pick up, there’s a ton of depth to his skills. Understanding how his various abilities work together - is vital, as is maximizing his use of Rage.

Read on and I’ll share some thoughts on some of his most valuable skills, provide some guidance on heroics, and list some super-fun combos that you should try out.

Melee Skills

  • Battering Ram (Sprint + Light) is an excellent combo starter. It lets Hulk rush in and stagger foes from the outset of the battle.

  • Monstrous Swipe (Dodge + Light) lifts those puny AIM robots up to the perfect height for Hulk to juggle. Not only does this do more damage, it also stops them from fighting back.

  • Practice Hulk's golf swing with Hammer Strike (Light > Light > Light > Light > Heavy) and see just how far he can send enemies flying.

  • Of course, Hulk is best known for his Smash! Use the Smash (hold Heavy) ability to knock down nearby foes and break enemy shields.

  • Use Aftershock (Heavy) and Tectonic Fury (Heavy up to 5 times) after Smash to deal incredible amounts of damage. Every impact sends out hulking shockwaves that damage enemies close to Hulk.

  • Bludgeon (hold Light) is an excellent example of why it’s unwise to try and punch the Hulk. Grab a foe and use them as a melee weapon, dealing increased damage with each hit and smashing through enemy shields!

  • Hulk has access to a whole series of upgrades, which let him grab multiple enemies or smash them in creative ways. Ionic Overflow is the best by far though. It turns your opponents into elemental weapons for Hulk to use - grab and enemy and use it to build status damage against other foes.

Ranged Skills

  • Who needs Repulsor gauntlets or pistols when you can just rip chunks of debris out of the ground to throw at enemies? Cannonball breaks through enemy shields and send foes tumbling along the ground.

  • Hulk can also turn those chunks of debris into melee weapons, increasing the damage and impact to enemies.

  • Use Meteor to rip up a huge piece of debris that’s capable of flattening multiple foes when thrown. The damage dealt is much higher than standard ranged attacks, and it adds lots of stun status too!

  • Shatter Spin (attack while holding a giant throwable item) turns that giant boulder into a melee weapon, giving Hulk unique light and heavy attacks both on the ground and in the air. Use it for crowd control or to set up some impressive aerial combos.

Intrinsic Ability

  • Both taking damage and dishing it out builds Hulk's Rage, which he can use to increase his damage and defensive abilities. Make sure to keep his meter as full as possible to deal the most damage.

  • Attacking enemies while Rage is active will heal Hulk. Parrying an attack by activating Rage just before the incoming strike connects will instantly trigger the healing effect as well as sound out a shockwave to stagger nearby foes. Hulk excels when you play aggressively!

Heroic Abilities

  • Boneshaker is perfect for drawing the enemy’s attention, bringing them in close so you can smash away. It’s great when the team has objectives to complete - by making Hulk the center of attention, he can give his allies some breathing room to destroy static targets or break open Inhuman cages.

  • Boneshaker can be upgraded to gain bonuses from the defeated enemies. For example, Boneshaker Regeneration will give Hulk a full heal when he smashes five enemies, while Boneshaker’s Rage refills Hulk’s intrinsic energy instead. Once the specializations are unlocked, you can switch between them at any time, so experiment and find one that fits your playstyle!

  • Stranglehold uses the unstoppable force of the Hulk to smash through his foes. Performing this heroic on larger enemies like the Adaptoid or Monotronic Exo will instantly trigger a Takedown, dealing massive amounts of damage.

  • Thunderclap is Hulk’s Ultimate Heroic, and is a great way to create some space when he’s surrounded by foes. An entire room of AIM soldiers will be sent reeling by the massive shockwave of destructive force that Hulk produces with this heroic.

  • Specializations change the properties of Thunderclap in some significant ways. For a support playstyle, Ground Zero can be used to create a Gamma hazard zone that will inflict damage to enemies while healing Hulk and his teammates. Alternatively, for a more aggressive build, Fault Line narrows the area of effect, but dramatically increases damage and stun.

Basic Combos

Here are some basic combos for Hulk. These are simple to pull off and can be worked into your basic combat flow.

  • Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Light - a great combo for juggling standard enemies, or enemies that have just been parried.

  • Jump > Hold Heavy (Earth Smasher) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy (Tectonic Fury) > Heavy (Aftershock) - leap into a group of enemies and deal large amounts of AOE damage.

Intermediate Combos

The following combos are a bit trickier to execute, but are very effective when utilized properly.

  • Aim to pick up a rock (Cannonball) > Heavy > Hold Light to grab the enemy (Bludgeon) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy- this is excellent against enemies with shields like the Riotbots. Grabbing the rock first will break the shield and deal a good chunk of damage, then grabbing the enemy will keep them from being able to recover. Afterwards, they can be used to smash through groups of other enemies nearby.

  • Trigger Intrinsic Energy just before attack (Parry) > Heavy > Heavy > Sprint + Light (Battering Ram) > Light > Light > Light > Heavy (Hammer Strike) - opens up any type of enemy and deals large amounts of damage.

Advanced Combos

Finally, I’ve put together some more complex combos. They require a solid understanding of the character to pull off, but they’re worth it because they really dish out the pain to AIM.

  • Trigger Intrinsic Energy just before attack (Parry) > Dodge + Light (Monstrous Swipe) > Hold Light to grab enemy (Bludgeon) > Light > Light > Hold Light to grab a second enemy (Smackdown) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy - this is good for mobs of grunt enemies like Synthoids, Keepers, and Riotbots where multiple enemies can be grabbed. Use them to break through the defenses of others and keep chaining together attacks - and make sure to tap the defense button to trigger Rage and parry any incoming attacks to prevent any interruptions to the combo.

  • Stranglehold Heroic > Hold Heavy (Smash) > Heavy > Heavy > Heavy (three hits of Tectonic Fury), Aim + Throw to pick up a large piece of debris (Meteor) > Jump > Heavy (Shatter & Spin) - This combo let’s Hulk smash with style. Stranglehold is a perfect opening move to use on larger enemies like the Adaptoids or Monotronic Exos, triggering a takedown at the start of the fight and leaving them open to attack while they recover.

*Note: Some enemies can't be grabbed and others have a chance to evade if you haven't parried or knocked them into a hit reaction first. Use Mastery skills like Enhanced Grab to reduce their chances of dodging and Vice Grip to ensure you keep a hold of them for your combos.

As you can see, Hulk is a wrecking ball in Marvel’s Avengers, capable of unleashing massive amounts of destruction to a lot of enemies incredibly quickly. While he may not be the flashiest character on the roster, we worked hard to bring to life the brutal, straightforward style that is iconic to the Hulk and ensure it felt immensely satisfying to smash the bad guys.

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