OCTOPATH TRAVELER out now on Steam

The critically-acclaimed RPG is available to buy for PC. Here's everything you need to know.
By Duncan Heaney

Here’s some news that will make your day at least eight times better - OCTOPATH TRAVELER is out now on Steam!

The game was previously only available on Nintendo Switch, but from today, PC owners can experience the compelling characters, intense battles and distinctive visuals that have won it such acclaim.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER brings the style of classic JRPGs into the modern era. It features a unique ‘HD-2D’ art style that combines expressive 2D character sprites with beautiful 3D environments.

Combined with beautiful lighting and some impressive depth of field effects, it creates a game that looks amazing - and like nothing else around.

Of course, none of this would matter without characters and a story, and OCTOPATH TRAVELER has this covered… eightfold.

You can take control of eight unique heroes, each with different skills in and out of battle.

Do you choose the morally ambiguous Therion and use his amazing powers of kleptomania to grab valuable loot, or help and heal people with the noble Ophelia? The choice is genuinely yours.

Whichever heroes you choose for your party, you’ll have to use them wisely in the strategic turn-based combat system. To succeed in battle, you’ll have to identify enemy weaknesses and use your heroes’ various skillsets to exploit them - it’s a system that’s really easy to understand, but with enormous tactical depth.

But rather than read about it, you should experience it yourself. The game’s available to buy right now - through the Square Enix Store and Steam directly.