Pride Month 2022: meet Luxe, Korra and Miguel!

We’re celebrating some of the LGBTQ+ staff that make Square Enix the amazing company it is!
By Square Enix

Happy Pride Month!

As a company, Square Enix is committed to growing a supportive, inclusive culture - both in our community and within the business itself. Over the month of June, we’ll be announcing a number of initiatives that celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ staff and fans alike.

Last week we announced our new range of apparel, featuring our Pride Mascot Mina. 100% of the profits of these garments go to charities GLAAD and Stonewall, to support their amazing work in protecting LGBTQ+ rights around the world.

Check the range out if you haven’t already - it’s a great way to celebrate Pride, support the LGBTQ+ community… and look darn good while doing it!

We want to celebrate the amazing LGBTQ+ people who work within our company, and asked some to share their own personal messages of what pride means to them, the importance of inclusiveness, and just how being unapologetically awesome people makes our world brighter for it!

With that in mind, meet Luxe, Korra and Miguel:

Luxe Chaiveera (She/They) - Sales Analyst

Luxe Chaiveera

Hi Luxe - please introduce yourself to the Square Enix community!

Hi I’m Luxe! I identify as Gay/Queer/Bi.

I grew up playing a variety of games and was always drawn to video games as a pastime. The idea of working in the gaming industry seemed like a dream - playing games was only a hobby.

Video games felt very male-oriented, so for a large portion of my life it seemed like an unattainable goal to be able to work in the field. It wasn’t until my last year in college, after playtesting for Activision, that I realized I could pursue a career in gaming.

My introduction into the gaming industry was as a contracted Quality Assurance (QA) tester at Idea Factory International for about a year, working on numerous titles. After that, I worked four years in market research in Entertainment.

Now, as a Queer Asian American woman, I’m humbly proud to share that I’ve accomplished my childhood dream of being able to work for a AAA gaming company!

Why do you think Pride Month is important?

Pride month gives us - as a community and as individuals - the opportunity to have visibility and representation; whether it be highlighting films that have an LGBTQIA+ cast, holding workshops, or even waving a queer flag outside or wearing a pin.

Pride Month provides an opportunity to feel validated - that we exist authentically and are loved as a result. I think it’s incredibly important for queer folks to see other people celebrating and embracing Pride Month, as it’s an avenue to remind us that we should be proud of who we are.

How do you help someone find their Pride?

It’s helpful to have open and honest conversations about our own experiences with queerness.

There’s a lot that goes into navigating our own gender and sexual identity and our experiences will always be different from our hetero allies, so hearing other queer experiences can manifest self-validation, pride, and solidarity.

Likewise, there’s a different kind of love, acceptance, and compassion that radiates from designated queer spaces that provide gentle affirmations to validate and support us.

In addition, a supportive community, whether it be family, queer friends, allies, or a combination of them all, is incredibly beneficial to fostering a comfortable and safe space for exploring what it means to be queer and why that is something to be proud of.

Furthermore, having access to various mediums that tell realistic and relatable queer experiences helps put an important perspective on what a queer person can look, live, and love like, and that is often undervalued. Representation makes such a big difference in the way we treat ourselves and others.

Do you have a message that you want people to hear?

Identifying as queer and figuring out one’s sexual identity can be a lifelong process. No one’s sexual identity experience will always be the same, and it’s important for allies to be empathetic of their queer peers.

Equally as important, queer folks should continue to have conversations about their sexual identity journey, and feel proud of who they are!

Happy Pride Month!

Korra (She/Her/Hers) - Senior Customer Support Representative

Hi Korra - how did you get your start at Square Enix?

I’ve always wanted to be in the gaming community, but never knew how. A friend gave me the name of a place where I could apply to get a job at Square Enix - I took that opportunity and ran with it!

Now I’m well established and have many friends in this company and in other ones!

Why do you think Pride Month is important?

Pride month is when people who are LGBT+ get to come out and show how proud they are of their uniqueness and their pride.

That is what makes the community beautiful; everyone supporting everyone else and all the smiles.

What do you think people should know about the LGBTQ+ Community?

I think that everyone needs to know that the LGBT+ community is inclusive, and not exclusive. No matter who you are or what you look like, you are accepted. You get to be yourself as a whole and be happy and find others like you.

The community is about togetherness and weathering the storms of life together.

Is there anyone in the LGBTQ+ community that inspires you?

Not to sound corny, but I’m inspired by everyone I come in contact within the community.

How can allies participate and support Pride month?

Allies can join in just by supporting their LGBT+ friends, or going to an event and supporting the community.

Being part of the celebration makes people who are LGBT+ feel even more accepted, and makes their differences, and the gap between the community and the world as a whole, seem a lot smaller.

They don’t have to do anything big - just support the community and be a friend.

Which organizations would you suggest people support?

The best place to support is in your own community. Find a LGBT+ center or a local business that is LGBT+ friendly and support them. It doesn’t have to be money, it could just be patronizing a business when you go out shopping or volunteering at the LGBT+ center when they need a few extra hands.

The community welcomes everyone to come and help. In the end you feel good and you help others feel good.

Miguel Gonzalez (He/Him/His) - Office Administration and Receptionist

Miguel Gonzalez

Hi Miguel. How did you get started in the games industry?

I grew up playing NES games before I could even learn how to tie my shoes. Since then, I’ve been gaming nonstop and pursued a career in the gaming industry to share my passion of the medium with others.

It wasn’t until I played the Sims 2 back in college that I realized how impactful having queer representation in video games can be as a player.

My goal is to work on future passion projects and potentially showcase more LGBTQ+ diversity in the industry. I hope to someday create similar affirming experiences for others in our community who still feel underrepresented on this platform. 

Why do you think Pride Month is important?

For me, the importance of Pride month is to highlight and celebrate all the individuals that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s a chance to really come together and own our identities and lived experiences as queer people - to unashamedly take Pride in our own worth and sexuality, as well as build up other members of our community in the process.

Is there anyone in the LGBTQ+ community that inspires you?

I’d say it’s the people who work tirelessly to showcase queer diversity onto the mainstream media.

These include writers, producers, drag queens, activists, and anyone who uses their voice or platform to bring LGBTQ+ experiences into the spotlight. Representation truly matters and this type of activism goes a long way towards normalizing our existence as people who are a part of this community.

Many thanks to Luxe, Korra and Miguel for their insights!

The Pride celebrations continue throughout June, so make sure you follow Square Enix on social media for more!