Our Pride mascot now has a name!

We asked you to name our Pride mascot, and you went above and beyond. Now we’re excited to announce their official name…
By Square Enix Team

Hi everyone - say hello to Mina!

Earlier this month, we asked you to suggest a name for our Pride mascot… and boy, did you deliver! We received hundreds of fantastic suggestions that captured the ideals that the mascot was created to represent: diversity, freedom and love.

In the end though, one stood out and captured our hearts - Mina. The name was suggested on Twitter by Sara Winters.

As well as being a wonderful name in its own right, the Japanese word ‘Mina’ (皆) means ‘all’, or ‘everyone’ - and as Sara rather beautifully put it: “pride is for all of us.”

We’re delighted with our Pride mascot’s marvelous new moniker - as is their creator, artist Toshiyuki Itahana. He’s signed a special print, which we’re sending to Sara to express our gratitude.

Square Enix Pride Mascot - Mina

Mina is front and center on our range of Pride apparel, which is still available on the Square Enix Store. All the profits made from these items up to midnight July 11 will be donated to charities GLAAD and Stonewall.

By purchasing one of these garments, you’re helping these organizations continue their invaluable work for LGBTQ+ communities - please do check them out to learn more and get involved.

At Square Enix, we remain committed to growing a supportive, inclusive culture and Mina stands proud as a visual statement of that commitment.

Thanks again to all of you for your name suggestions, and for embracing Mina - and what they represent - so whole heartedly.

Rest assured - you’ll be seeing more of them in the future.