5 spooky Square Enix games to play this Halloween

Looking for something a little scary for the Halloween season? Try these Scare Enix - er, we mean Square Enix - classics.
By Duncan Heaney

Halloween is nearly here, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be in the mood for something a little creepy.

Well, good news - there are plenty of titles in the Square Enix library that skew towards the dark and freaky. We’ve pick out some of the games that we think make perfect partners for this most sinister of seasons.

From morbid murder mysteries, to spooky shooty shenanigans, there’s sure to be something to satisfy even your most devilish desires.

Tokyo Dark

If you’re after a scary story this Halloween, you won’t find many tales as unsettling as Tokyo Dark’s.

Indie dev Cherrymochi marries point and click adventure games and visual novels in this dark and twisted mystery. The story focuses on Detective Ito and her search for her missing partner - an investigation that could have serious repercussions on her life and sanity.

…and that’s all we’re going to say about plot because this is a story where the twists and turns have real impact. As do your decisions - what you say and do has a big effect of the story.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Ronan O’Connor is hunting for a famous serial murderer: the Bell Killer. There’s just one problem - he’s one of the victims himself.

What better game for Halloween than one where you play as a ghost? Murdered: Soul Suspect puts you in the spectral shoes of the deceased detective, as you investigate crime scenes, explore the town of Salem and uncover the shocking secrets of its past.

Although being one of the departed is a little inconvenient for O’Connor, he does at least get some useful extra abilities like teleportation and the ability to possess people, read their thoughts and influence their minds.

Plus being a ghost means he can walk through walls - that makes getting around much more convenient!

Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios

The second DLC pack for Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios - adds some entertainingly spooky vibes to the high-octane series.

Main man Rico Rodriguez is no danger to amateur archeology, so a friends’ request to check out a dig site on Isla De Los Annilos seems like no big deal, right? Of course, what he doesn’t know is that the ancient necropolis is actually a device containing vicious insectoid demons.

Before long, the island’s swarming with… erm, swarms of glowing bugs, and neon plant monsters. It’s up to Rico to soar the skies and send the demons back where they came from. And also blow up a whole lot of stuff because… Just Cause.

It’s not going to scare you (if anything, those bugs should be scared of Rico!) but its frantic action and rich Halloween-y trappings make it a perfect play for this time of year.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - Nightmare in North Point

This horror-themed side story for Sleeping Dogs was originally released as DLC - but it’s included as standard in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition.

As if infiltrating the Hong Kong Triad as wasn’t difficult enough, Nightmare in North Point sees undercover cop Wei Shen forced to fend off the undead too.

The ruthless gangster Smiley Cat (don’t ask where he got the name because… yeesh) has risen from the underworld with an army of Jiang Shi - reanimated warriors who may be dead, but remember how to hit hard.

It’s up to Wei-Shen to seek out the power to take on the dead, uncover the motives for Smiley Cat’s thirst for vengeance and kick a lot of zombies in the face along the way.