6 unforgettable Square Enix love stories

We take a look at some of the most memorable romances from Square Enix games, from FINAL FANTASY to Life is Strange!
By Duncan Heaney

Love is in the air here at Square Enix.

Or to be more accurate, love is in the games. Our titles feature many memorable romances, from adorable match-ups to world-spanning romantic tragedies.

We wanted to celebrate our loved-up couples, and what better time to do so than Valentine’s Day? With that in mind, here are seven timeless tales of romance that continue to win our hearts:

Tidus and Yuna - FINAL FANTASY X HD

Yuna and Tidus embracing

On the surface, Tidus and Yuna couldn’t be more different. He’s a free-spirited jock drifting in a world he doesn’t understand, while she’s a studious summoner, bound by duty and expectation.

But as the two get closer, they begin to grow and develop as people. Each brings out the best in the other - Tidus helps Yuna find joy and strength for the trials ahead, while she helps him discover purpose and responsibility.

And together they learn to laugh in the face of adversity.

Steiner and Beatrix - FINAL FANTASY IX

Steiner and Beatrix

Now here’s a knight to remember - Beatrix is incredibly strong, extraordinarily skilled, and wholly dedicated to her master’s orders.

Then there’s Steiner. His dedication to knighthood makes him somewhat inflexible and stubborn with his charge, Garnet. Also… well, let’s just say he’s not the sharpest sword in the scabbard.

Understandably, the pair don’t really see eye to eye at first. Beatrix has a very low opinion of Steiner and the company he keeps - plus she beats him up at least once. But as she realizes that maybe she hasn’t been on the side of justice, her opinion begins to soften.

When the two finally fall in love, it’s one of the sweetest and most charming moments in the game. All together now: D’awwwww.

It may not be the grandest romance in the series, but it’s certainly one of the most adorable.

Lenne and Shuyin - FINAL FANTASY X-2 HD

Lenne and Shuyin

Sometimes love can send you down a dark path.

Lenne was a songstress and a summoner, and loved deeply by her partner, Shuyin. When she’s sent off the frontlines of a brutal war, Shuyin resorts to… extreme measures to end the conflict and save her. No spoilers, but the path of love doesn’t always flow smoothly…

Of course, in FINAL FANTASY X-2’s world of Spira, death is not always the end. As Yuna and the Gullwings discover, a love this strong can transcend morality, time and even life itself...

Chloe and Rachel - Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered

One of the coolest things about the Life is Strange series is that there is no ‘canonical’ timeline. The choices you make and the story that you get are all equally valid - which is a long-winded way of acknowledging that for some players, Chloe and Rachel shared a strong friendship and nothing more.

Those who did guide the pair towards a deeper connection, will have experienced one of the most naturalistic and believable romances in gaming. Over the course of three episodes, see these two young people work through their pain, and come closer through a newfound zest for life.

Of course, if you’ve played the original Life is Strange, you know that the story doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. But if the series teaches us anything, it’s that you should remember to treasure what you have now, not the things you’ve lost.

Cecil and Rosa - FINAL FANTASY IV pixel remaster

Rosa and Cecil

This was the first love story in the FINAL FANTASY series, and it remains one of the most satisfying.

Childhood friends, Cecil and Rosa have a connection that’s obvious from the beginning of the game. As dark knight Cecil grows increasingly troubled by his King’s erratic orders, his first thought is to turn to Rosa for support and advice.

Then, when Cecil goes missing, Rosa doesn’t just sit and wait - she heads off to find him, despite the obvious risks of travelling FINAL FANTASY IV’s dangerous world alone. She even becomes a full member of the party, using her skills as a white mage to keep her beloved hale and hearty.

It just goes to show - the couple that ATBs together, stays together.

Squall and Rinoa - FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Well, they couldn’t not be on the list, could they?

Squall’s not exactly the most emotionally available FINAL FANTASY hero - despite the best efforts of his classmates and teacher, nothing can dispel the barrier he’s placed around his heart. At least, until Rinoa comes along.

From the moment they meet and she forces him to dance (he is the best-looking guy there after all), the strong-willed freedom fighter is able to pierce his defenses. Over the course of the game, the pair are pushed closer together, until they finally accept their feelings in one of the most overtly romantic moments in the series history.

That also takes place in space because FINAL FANTASY.

Those were just some of the love stories that made our hearts pitter-patter, but what about you? Share your thoughts with the team on social media: