Square Enix locations we’d actually like to live in

From FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH to STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R, we pick the towns in Square Enix games we’d move into if we could.
By Duncan Heaney

You’ve probably spent many hours saving the worlds of various Square Enix games, but have you ever thought about living in them?

Our rich and detailed locales are full of cities, towns and village, many of which are so beautiful and richly detailed that you almost want to move in yourself.

That got us thinking: if you could live anywhere in a Square Enix game, where would it be? With that in mind, here are seven of the settlements in Square Enix games that we think you could legitimately live in (if… y’know, they weren’t fictional).


Spring is the best season, and I won’t hear any arguments otherwise.

The plants are blooming, temperatures are on the rise without becoming sweltering, and there’s new life everywhere you look. It’s all rather inspiring. That’s why there’s no place I’d rather live in HARVESTELLA than Nemea Town.

This is a town of perpetual Spring. Beautiful cherry blossoms line its streets, framing its beautiful white buildings. It’s well protected thanks to the spear-wielding Asyl and the Argus Brigade. It’s full of loving people, who help run the very wholesome orphanage.

And the food. Oh man, the food! Nemea Bolognese, Zucchini and mince sandwiches, Peach Rose Mousse… I’m drooling just thinking about it all.

Time for some shameless pictures of food? I think so:

Rosehill - DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince

Rosehill is a modest settlement, but if you’ve played DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince, you know it’s much more than that.

This is a safe space that you’ll return to time and time throughout the adventure. It's the place where your monsters reside in a paddock, and also where you can synthesize new monsters at Rosehill Tower.

Add some truly charming human residents and you have something that’s far more than a town or village. It’s a home.


FINAL FANTASY XVI’s world of Valisthea can be a harsh and brutal place.

Bearers, people born with the ability to use magic, are persecuted and enslaved, and the encroaching Blight drives nations into bloody wars. And even though Clive Rosfield and his allies work towards a better future, they know things will get worse before they get better.

That’s why Haven makes such an impression. Located in the Northern Territories, it’s home to unspoiled nature, a thriving ecosystem and clean water - the ideal place for a settlement. It’s also untouched by the conflicts that plague the rest of the realm thanks to a magical glamour that conceals it from view.

It contains a close-knit population who work together to support and protect their community - and where even Bearers are treated equally. In an often unkind world, it’s a real ray of light.

Bath Vegas - FOAMSTARS

Now this is what I call a party town! Well, technically, a party city.

Bath Vegas is the home of the fabled FOAMSMASH tournament - where the world’s best, brightest and… um, foamiest get together to compete in numerous high-octane competitions.

If I moved there, would I have a shot of becoming a FOAMSTAR? Probably not - sometimes I can’t even walk through a door without missing. Even so, Bath Vegas would be great - the scenery is stunning, the music scene is incredible (seriously - stream the soundtrack if you haven’t) and there’s always an awesome match to watch.

Living in Bath Vegas wouldn’t be a peaceful life, but boy it would be fun!


Now if it’s a peaceful life you want, you won’t find better than Cropdale.

Nestled in the wooded Leaflands, this charming settlement is quiet, friendly and quite beautiful. Not only is it full of supportive people, such as Agnea’s family, it’s also relatively safe - while not without dangers, the local fauna is less malicious than some other parts of OCTOPATH TRAVELER II’s world of Solistia.

Not only that, but the eating’s good too - Cropdale has the best raspberries and peaches around! Fan of raspberry pie? This place has the best around. It even has a local festival, where the village gets together to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company.

So, while there are more spectacular settlements in Solistia, such as the shining city of New Delsta, there are few locations as charmingly wholesome.


On the other end of the scale to Cropdale, we have STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R’s vibrant Lacuer.

It’s the largest city on the planet Expel and full of awesome things to see. It has a top class hotel, a great tavern, a massive library and even a castle. Plus if you’re into your weapons - and considering the monster-filled world it’s in you probably should be - there are loads of different weapons shops to browse. Those in the know may also of some super-skilled artisans there too.

Best of all though, each year Lacuer hosts the Armory Contest - a hot ticket whether you’re competing or just sitting in the stands to watch.

With all that, and even more to see and do, I don’t think I’d ever get bored of living in Laceur.


FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH has no shortage of towns so vibrant and well-realized that any of them could be on this list.

For fun in the sun, it’s hard to beat the sun-kissed beaches and party vibes of Costa del Sol. Does the Gold Saucer count as a town, because the good times never stop there? And if you asked for someone’s recommendation to get away from it all? Me? Gongaga.

But upon careful consideration, I think the best place to live would be Kalm - a town that, save for the occasional visit from Shinra, lives up to its name.

It’s got beautiful architecture, bustling shops, live music from visiting artists and - most importantly - a thriving Queen’s Blood scene. What more could you want?

Those were just a few of the most livable towns and cities in Square Enix games, but we’re sure you have thoughts of your own. Let us know on social media where you wish you could take up residence: