STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN: See new enemies, jobs, levels and more!

Take a look at two dangerous Fiends, a couple of new areas you’ll explore, some advanced jobs, crafting and more!
By Duncan Heaney

2022 is here at last, and what better way to celebrate the new year than by taking a look at one of its most anticipated games!

STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN releases March 18, 2022 and offers a savagely exciting new take on the series, with brutal action-based gameplay, and a story that links to the very first FINAL FANTASY!

We’ve previously revealed some of the characters you’ll meet, locations you’ll visit, and jobs you’ll use - today, we wanted to show you even more.

Starting with…

Story and events

STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN follows Jack and his four companions on a quest to destroy Chaos and lift the darkness from the kingdom of Cornelia.

Driven by an ever-growing hunger to defeat Chaos, the group tears their way through hordes of monsters, and as they do so, people begin to hope that they may be the fabled Warriors of Light - saviors foretold of by an ancient prophecy.

And yet, nobody could imagine the truth that will be uncovered….

The following screenshots showcase some of the events and cutscenes you’ll experience in the game.


“That mist comes from the darkness.”

Wherever Jack and his allies go, they find a sinister black mist that swallows people up.


It seems to engulf them - but just what is this mysterious mist?


The dark crystals absorb the black mist when raised aloft. It seems like they’re protecting the group from its effects…


Jack will encounter many different characters during his quest. While some of them are friendly and offer him aid, others are altogether more… Fiendish.

Kraken is the Fiend of Water, and attacks ferociously with tentacles and rush attacks.

It uses abilities that steal buffs, and water-element attacks that make use of the surrounding environment. Trust us - you don’t want to get hit by any of them!


The Fiend of Earth is another fearsome foe for Jack and his companions. Lich is distressingly adept at slinging spells and attacks that inflict status ailments.

It’s a tricky opponent that can inflict curse, which saps the upper limit of the Break Gauge, and summons forth skeletons.


The journey to defeat darkness will take Jack’s party to many fascinating locations. Let’s reveal a couple more here:

Sunken Shrine

This high-security facility on the ocean floor is controlled completely by machines, and it’s brimming with water energy. Could this mysterious light be the lifeforce of the planet that the facility extracts?

Cavern of Earth

An underground cavern, thick with earth energy. All kinds of traps obstruct those who would enter. Strewn with the dead, it resembles a vast tomb - but what could be slumbering in the very depths of the cavern, far beneath the earth…?

Job System

Jack and his companions are able to equip jobs, which define their abilities in battle. Jack can have two jobs set at a time, and switch instantly between them seamlessly during combat.

There are all kinds of combat styles available, depending on the combination of jobs you have set. Advanced jobs use actions that are even more distinctive, and many let you wield multiple weapons.

Here’s a look at some of these Advanced Jobs:

Red Mage

Red mages are versatile magic users who can wield both black and white magic. That makes them able to both attack enemies, and support allies.

The red mage also has a unique action called chainspell. This lets them cast spells in very quick succession - perfect for inflicting elemental vulnerabilities.


If you want to dominate your enemies with unbelievably powerful attacks, Berserker will have you seeing red in the best way possible.

It’s a job that specialises in direct attacks, using both axes and greatswords. It also gives you access to the Berserk ability, which increases attack power dramatically, but removes the ability to use potions. Better hit hard and fast!


Feeling a lack of MP? Switch to Samurai - it’s a job that excels at MP recovery.

While using the Samurai’s unique action, meikyo-shisui, normal attacks will replenish a greater amount of MP, and parrying will also restore the precious resource. You can then use the katana combo abilities to unleash a flurry of blows with your replenished MP.

Upgrading equipment

As Jack delves deeper into each area, he’ll earn loot - typically new armor and weapons that he can wear to become stronger. But what can you do if there’s a particular piece you like that’s no longer strong enough to use?

Simple - you head to the Smithy!

At the smithy, you can use materials to add to or upgrade your equipment’s special effects. This lets you customize your equipment to suit your job and fighting style! One way to obtain materials is through completion rewards from missions.

You can also dismantle equipment you don’t need any more to obtain materials. Recycle and reuse!

You can gain equipment by defeating enemies or opening treasure chests. The same piece of equipment could have different job affinities or special effects. As a result, it could be well worth your time to take on a mission more than once in the search for rarer gear.

There’s not long to wait for STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN - the game releases on March 18, 2022.

The game’s available to preorder now. Anyone who pre-orders the Digital Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions of STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN will receive 72-hour early access to the full game (24-hour early access for PC version), as well as the Braveheart weapon and Lustrous Shield, and early-purchase bonus: the Rebellion weapon!

We’re sure to have more to share about the game as we get closer to release, so make sure you’re following on social media to see it: