Jack vs Gilgamesh. If you’re a FINAL FANTASY fan, that’s probably all you need to know. But for everyone else, here's what you can look forward to in the new expansion.
By Duncan Heaney

Jack Garland vs Gilgamesh!

If you’re a FINAL FANTASY fanatic, that’s probably all you need to know about WANDERER OF THE RIFT - the second expansion for STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN.

The rest of you, however, may be wondering - what’s all the fuss about? With the new content now available to download and play, we thought we’d give you a brief summary of everything you need to know:


This is the second part of the STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN Season Pass. Set after the previously released TRIALS OF THE DRAGON KING, it introduces the dimension-hopping Gilgamesh and a ton of new content, including a new job to play as, a new type of dungeon and new gear.

Oh, and also a tonberry blacksmith!

Tonberry Blacksmith

We’ll talk about what’s been added in a bit, but for any newer FINAL FANTASY fans…

Who the heck is Gilgamesh?

First introduced in FINAL FANTASY V, Gilgamesh is a figure who appears throughout the series. His portrayal can vary wildly between games, but he’s usually characterized by his many arms, a self-satisfied attitude and a love of swords that could charitably described as ‘obsessive’. He’s also often battled on big bridges.

In that first appearance in FINAL FANTASY V, he’s a recurring boss and a source of comic relief.

Gilgamesh in FINAL FANTASY V pixel remaster

Gilgamesh as he appears in FINAL FANTASY V pixel remaster

Despite his fearsome appearance and self-satisfied attitude, he’s not much of a threat. His cowardly nature and inherent clumsiness mean that he’s as much a threat to himself as others - though he does help Bartz and the gang out by the end of their adventure.

The character - and his name - continue to echo throughout future games in the series. For example, he makes a memorable appearance in FINAL FANTASY VIII, replacing the summon Odin when Seifer cleaves him in two.


Gilgamesh as he appears in FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE

A personal favorite is his appearance in FINAL FANTASY XII, where he battles the party on a bridge, armed with legendary swords from across the series, including Cloud’s Buster Sword from FINAL FANTASY VII and Tidus’ Brotherhood from FINAL FANTASY X. Except, look a bit closer and you’ll realize they’re just knock-offs - and he’s just as full of empty bravado as you’d expect.

Gilgamesh in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

Gilgamesh as he appears in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

We’d also be remiss not to mention Greg… uh, we mean Gilgamesh in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, where he‘s involved with one of the only characters with an ego as out of control as his own: Hildibrand Manderville. As the Warrior of Light, you’ll face off against him on several occasions, all crazier than the last. Have you ever fought as a green chicken?

Screenshot from FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Gladiolus

A very different portrayal can be found in EPISODE GLADIOLUS for FINAL FANTASY XV. Here, you face off against a much more deadly Gilgamesh, as Gladio tries to prove he’s worthy of the title Shield of the King. The traits are still there - obsession with swords, bravado, but this time he’s got the skills to back them up.

There are plenty more examples we could pick from - from appearances in spin-off titles like Chocobo GP, to examples of the name being used, even if the character himself isn’t. But this is already becoming an essay, so let’s move on to the big question…



As the name implies, the dimension-hopping warrior arrives in Jack’s world, and his appearance adds an unwelcome element of chaos to Jack’s plans. And you all know how he feels about Chaos…

Rest assured, you will have an opportunity to face off against Gilgamesh, but don’t expect him to be a joke or pushover like in earlier games. STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN is all about fast-paced, challenging combat, so expect him to put up quite the fight!


Wielding swords and spears in both hands, he attacks Jack with fast, damaging attacks. You’ll have to dodge, block and use Soul Shield carefully, and look for openings for your own counter attacks.

Gilgamesh using his 'missile' attack

Be careful though - he may also use his fabled ‘missile’.


The arrival of Gilgamesh also heralds the addition of tons of new content to STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN, including:

Rift Labyrinth

Jack and friends look at the entrance to the Rift Labyrinth

This mysterious labyrinth appeared when Gilgamesh appeared. A new story plays out while you take on a series of short, randomly generated dungeons.

The bite-sized and ever-shifting nature of these monster-filled mazes makes for a compelling gameplay loop that plays into the game’s strengths - the brutally satisfying combat and the massive selection of different jobs to play as.

Speaking of which…

Blue Mage job

The Blue Mage job in Wanderer of the Rift

Jack has some new tricks up his sleeve thanks to the addition of the Blue Mage job. He’s always been able to steal monsters’ abilities with Soul Shield and use them himself, but Blue Mage lets him take that to another level.

You’ll get the Blue Mage job after progressing a certain way through the Rift Labyrinth and it’s a fantastic addition to Jack’s toolkit. When you have instant abilities available, you can use R2 / RT to use them without using up a charge. Alternatively, you can hold the button to power them up with MP - with devastating results!

Dimension Bringer

Jack using Dimension Bringer

Progress through the Rift Labyrinth and you’ll also gain access to Dimension Bringer - a very cool new command ability.

When you use it, enemies nearby will be slowed down, and every time you use a combo ability, the damage you inflict will go up. Also, while the effect is active, you can use a special attack in the place of Soul Shield and make it easy to chain combo abilities - it’s great for taking down foes really quickly… and quite stylishly too.

GILGAMESH difficulty

Gilgamesh wielding a sword

Accessible once you’ve beaten TRIAL OF THE DRAGON KING, this new difficulty mode will test your high-level gear loadouts like nothing else.

Not only can you take on enemies with higher levels than normal, you can also earn relic gear with Summon Blessings!

Summon Blessings

Equipment identification screen

Some equipment contains special effects, received from the blesssings of Summons like Ifrit, Odin and Bahamut. These can be wildly useful effects that improve your stats based on the blessing value - so they’re well worth equipping!

To get these blessings, you first have to take acquired gear to a new tonberry blacksmith for appraisal. Don’t worry, it won’t take long - tonberries apparently work faster than they walk!

Monster Bells

Jack befriending a Malboro

These new items let you call on a monster to come support you in battle. First you need to find a summonstone and complete a special event with a monster, but when you do, you’ll be able to call them into the fray.

Taking on the hordes with a Malboro at your side? As awesome as it sounds.

Chaotic Monsters

Jack fighting a Chaotic Crawler

These are not, as the name implies, monsters who lack organizational skills. Quite the contrary - they’re quite efficient at their job, which is primarily to murder Jack and his friends.

Chaotic monsters are super-powerful versions of beasts that are far more dangerous than the standard variety. But if you take the risk and take them, there are much greater rewards to be had. Provided you can beat them, of course.

As you can see, there’s lots to get stuck into in WANDERER OF THE RIFT. The new content is available now as part of the Season Pass for the game.

This also gives you the first additional mission: TRIALS OF THE DRAGON KING, as well as the yet-to-be released third expansion: DIFFERENT FUTURE!

If you’ve yet to play STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN and you’re eager for some Jack on Gilgamesh action, then the game is available to buy now for PS5, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store:

Finally, for more news and updates about the game, be sure to follow the team on social media: